Sunday, March 21, 2021

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Stock Sirens replace cattle grids - Willy Willy (small tornado) - Crossing the Cooper Creek Flood Plain in Channel Country (near Windorah)

Cow chewing on bone - Oh lonesome me, parts of the road from Camp 4 to Bedouri.

A dry walk to find food after drinking - JC Hotel mess - Scenery around Mt Henderson.

Having a feed - Whistling Kite,  Brolga  and Wedge-tailed Eagle.

The trip home - Arriving in Boulia - Rule number 3 - Willy Willy crosses road in front of me.

Cotton Gin at Trangie.

'WARREN, last town with a bloke's (man's)  name for 200 km'

Kangaroo at Warren

Tiger Bay Wetlands, Warren.

Sheep and Emus share a meal.   
The drought has a large effect on all in the bush.

Jaywalker on back road to Nyngan.

The old railway station at Byrock.

See the bird on the roof to the right?

Brown Goshawk

'Coolabah Hotel Motel'


Had lunch at the Mulga Creek Pub, Byrock.

More jaywalkers.

My camp for the night was in Barringun at the former Tattersalls Hotel,
which was destoyed by fire Christmas 2017.  There were conditions with
the 'free' camping, you had to purchase a drink from temporary 'container' hotel first. I also had a $2 shower in the 'motel' room.

As normal I stayed away from the crowds, that's my car on the far right.


Sunrise on the Bogan River, Nyngan.

Some of the Birds

Black-tailed Native-hen     -      Whistling Kite     -      Black-fronted Dotterel

Pink-eared Duck                      Red-kneed Dotterel

Black-faced Woodswallows  -  White-browed Treecreeper  -    Crested Bellbird

White-winged Fairy-wren            Red-necked Avocet

Black Kite                               Southern Whitefac

White-necked Heron   -    Pallid Cuckoo   -    Welcome Swallow

Australian Ringneck                                 Apostlebird       

      Comb-crested Jacana        Freckled Duck          Glossy Ibis             

      Brown Falcon       -          White-faced Heron    -      Red-capped Robin  (male)

Mistletoebird  (female)            Blue-winged kookaburra .

              Magpie (with broken beak)       Masked Lapwing                     Pied Stilt                   

               Grey Teal                                   Intermediate Egret              

        Australian Raven       -      Singing Honeyeater   -  Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater

                   Grey-crowned Babbler                          Swift Parrot                              

            Australasian Pipit    -     Wedge-tailed Eagle     -      Red-capped Robin  (female)

                         Budgerigar                           Whiskered Tern                    

    Spotted Bowerbird.        -        Brown Falcon       -   White-plumed Honeyeater

        Spinifex Pigeon                                 Diamond Dove             

Rufous Whistler            Peaceful Dove               Little Corella

Cockatiel                                                 Galah

Magpie-lark (Pee Wee) (female)     Hooded Robin (male)     Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

Rufous Whistler (male)                Red-backed Kingfisher

                                    Brolga        -          Little Woodswallow     -        Rainbow Bee-eater                         

Painted Finch                   Brown Honeyeater    

Brown Honeyeater     -     Black-tailed Treecreeper -       Peregrine Falcon    

White-necked Heron     Rufous Songlark     Paperbark Flycatcher

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX70 HS 

Photos edited in Picasa and On1