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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Newcastle Excursion. 20th June 2012

This was our first extended excursion using our $2.50 all day public transport travel perk.  We boarded the Inner City train at Eastwood at about 9.45am on a fine sunny day and arrived in Newcastle about midday. Then it was down to the Queens Wharf to catch the ferry to Stockton to have lunch at the General Washington Hotel. After lunch it was back on the ferry to have a look around Newcastle on foot as this was really the first time we have been to Newcastle proper. We went along Hunter St then up Watt St to Fletcher Park, then down along Shortland Esplanade past Newcastle Beach, the pools, Nobby's Beach to Horse Shoe Beach. From there it was back to the station via a walk along the foreshore, a distance I worked out to be of just over 6kms. Bad timing had us missing the 3.30pm train back to Eastwood by 2 seconds, oh well this gave us time to visit the old convict timber yard and to have a coffee and cake (yum) before the next train at 4.40.
On our first sea trip to Tasmania the ship we were on had to stop in Phillip Bay to have a sick patient taken off by a medical team, and on this train trip we had to wait at Gosford station for a medical team to take a sick person of the train. Seemed a bit funny that they also needed 3 railway police as well.
Thanks to Lorraine and John for the travel tips.
Click here for more photos.
Looking over Brooklyn towards the road bridge over
the Hawsbury River

Newcastle station

Customs House

Observasion Tower (closed for maitanence),
 Queen St wharf and ferry.

Leaving Newcastle to cross the Hunter River
to Stockton.

Walk-way over rail tracks to Hunter St.

Wall art in Morgan St.

Wall art in Morgan St. with Christ Church Cathedral
in background.

Newcastle Post Office,opened in 1903.

Looking down Watt St. towards the river.

Newcastle's Ocean Baths. Dredge (?) leaving river.

Old terrace houses in Church St with 
Christ Church Cathedral in background.

Looking south from Newcastle Beach. Old houses
in The Terrace.

Ocean baths

In the tube, Nobby's Beach.

Australin Pelicans

Looking towards Nobbys Lighthouse.

Looking back towards Fort Scratchley (on hill) and Newcastle.

We received a flypass.

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