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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Katoomba You Don't Normally See

It was Lynn's Friday off and she suggested we go to Blackheath for the day by train, I agreed, as I thought there may be some good Flora Friday opportunities.
 In spring the gardens are wonderful and in winter the natural beauty is just as good as the rest of the year. Anyway we had an hour to kill in Katoomba,as we had to change trains, so we decided to just walk down the main street of Katoomba it self and have a look. Coffee and cake here cost more than our lunch at Blackheath but they did throw in a fire engine display. So here below are some of the highlights of Katoomba town.

Posted by Picasa                                                                    This was the highlight

Colourful window display.

There's plenty of entertainment around, plus
conveniences for all.

Little things to help you with the shopping.

Must be a monument to all the early explorers who died
trying to cross the mountains.

Free transport.

Lovely rooftop gardens.

Red's the favorite colour,

Emergency equipment in case attacked by a feral.
(but that wouldn't happen)

Welcoming entrance to the station.

No expense spared. Lots of photos taken of the beautiful
stations surrounds by tourists.

Just look at this for a garden, makes Kuranda (Cairns) station look like a desert.

Plenty of wildlife.


Buy some art to hang in the lounge room.  (looks familiar)

And of course what everyone comes to look at, 'The 3 Sisters'.

I always wondered how lettuce grew.  (Blackheath)

Our taxi home.

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