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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zig Zag, Lithgow Blast Furnace and Hassans Walls.

Following in the footsteps of that famous adventurer Leslie de Belin we headed of towards Hassans Walls near Lithgow.
 First stop was the Zig Zag rail station at Clarence where I hoped to get some photos to help with my newly acquired fetish with rust. Coming down the hill into Lithgow Lynn noticed some 'buildings' of to the right so we thought we would go and investigate, these buildings happened to be the Blast Furnace Park. Put this place down as one of the places you have to visit, especially before they put a fence around it.
With some nice big black clouds forming we headed off to Hassans Walls. Great views from the top and, with the sign saying there are some 50 species of orchids that grow here, it will be one place that I will have to visit again.
Back down to the Hartley Vale/ Browns Gap Rd and then across to the Great Western Highway, up Victoria pass and across to Mount York for a nice sunset and cup of coffee. 

Click on photos to enlarge. 

Abandoned steam engine at Clarence.

Water tank for the steam trains.

New narrow gauge carriages.

The old Blast Furnace ruins.




Steel slag.

This use to be up the top.


The headless blob still haunts the site.

Hassans Walls Lookout.

Part of the view.

Hartley village.

Life in the valley below.

Always wear red if you want to be seen.


Guarding the valley. 

The cave lookout.

Obviously we weren't the first to be in here..

Room with a view.

Early man emerges from his cave,

What a lovely couple.

Blast Furnace from Bracey Lookout.

Some of the plants from the top.

Saw this Emu on the way.
Mount York.

From Emuford to Bathurst, 101.5 miles (163.4km), was formed in six months by a working party of 28 men.

And was completed in January 1815.

The commission to execute the work was entrusted by Gov. Macquarie.


William Cox Esq. J.P. Lieut. 102nd Reg.
    of Clarendon, Windsor.
    Died 15-3-1837

In commemoration of the first crossing of the Blue Mountains
in 1813 A.D. by
This obelisk was erected by public subscriptions in 1900 A.D.

The first road over the Blue Mountains.
Laid out by Surveyor Evans who followed the explorers track
was opened by
Governor Macquarie, in 1815 A.D.
The descent begins 100yards N.E. of this Memorial.

View from Mount York.

Catching the last rays.

It was getting cold when we left.

Thankfully we had a thermos.

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