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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kids, Beach, a Dog and a Bit of Bush, Umina Has It All.

Tuesday at Umina for lunch had two agendas. One for the matriarchs (nothing to do with size) and children and the other for me, a tag-a-long.
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Agenda 1:

At the beach.

The children enjoyed trying to drown the dog.

But Charlie kept coming back to shore.
No, you are not supposed to come out.
An oncoming storm sends all heading for the cars.
And they want to pull this down.
Kids rule.
Last one in's a ...............
Lady Muck.
The beach after dark with night-vision is tops.


Agenda 2: 

In the bush.

NSW Waratah
Mountain Devil

Pea with no common name.

 Heath-leaved Poranthera.  (I think).
Native Rose.
Box-leaf Wax-flower.
 Golden Donkey / Golden Doubletails Orchid.
  Dog Rose, River Rose.
Flannel Flowers.

Red Weevil  and a Flower Wasp.
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