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Monday, November 4, 2013

Three Nights in Mudgee Town.

It was a sad reason to visit on this occasion. We were attending the funeral of Muriel Jones, born in England and with no blood relatives living in Australia.
We were here for 3 nights, from Thursday 31st Oct to Sunday 3rd Nov.

 We went through some of the areas where only 6 days before were razed by fires. As well as the funeral there were walks in the Common, Flora Friday commitments, feeding the wildlife and a little sight-seeing.

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( Foot Note, entered 20/11/2013:  It has just been announced that the fires, that were still burning when these photos were taken, have now been officially extinguished. The fires had been burning for 3 weeks.)

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Muriel Jones  1923 - 2013.

Bikers slowing our progress along Bell's Line Of Road.
Where the recent fires (last week) had been.
One of the many 'thank you' banners and signs along Bell's Line.
A lot of the road-side was like this.
A cheery sight at Dangaroo after the blackened bush.
Water Iris at Dangaroo.
They had nearly all gone by Sunday.
The log 'Lodge'.
A lot of D.I.Y. has been done here.
Receiving 'how to feed the roo's'  instructions.
Tawny Frogmouth and chicks in afternoon light.


  An early Friday walk in the Common was rewarded with some close wildlife experiences. 

A European Hare.
 These were first introduced to Australia in 1859 when 5 animals arrived to be released and then hunted by shooters.

Red Fox.
Red fox were introduced to Australia around 1833 for the purpose of the
traditional English sport of fox hunting. It is now estimated that there are more
 than 7.2 million red fox's in Australia where it has been classified as one of the
 most damaging invasive species in Australia.

Red-necked Wallaby........one of the goodies.
Not much in flower but the Lichens were interesting.
An interesting lichen.

Some of the wildlife at the Lodge. 

Some of the wildlife at the Lodge.
A thirsty Shingleback Lizard (also called Stumpy-tailed Lizard and Bobtail Lizard)
has a drink at one of the many 'drinking stations' around the house.

Common Bronzewing Pigeon.
Peron's Tree Frog. Was hiding under a saucepan.
Eastern Grey Kangaroos coming in for their afternoon meal.
Eastern Grey Kangaroos coming in for their afternoon meal. A joey's feet can be seen hanging out of mother's pouch.

A walk around town to photograph some Mudgee gardens.


Imaginative roof decorations.
Someone's loss.

A Musk Lorikeet enjoying the nectar laden flowers of a bottlebrush shrub.

An oasis in Lawson Park.

Long-Necked Tortoise enjoying a bit of sun.

Dusky Moorhen searching the water-lilies for food for their young.

Cycles enjoying a rest in the shade while their riders enjoy a coffee.

Did a little sight seeing in the afternoon.

Enjoying the breeze and the view overlooking Gulgong.


I thought this train might be for the workers at the local coal mines.





Their own private Put Put Golf in the front yard.
Railway station.

Nobody selling tickets.

Free speech and imagination in action along Windeyer Road.

"Bugger the dog ...... beware of the Owner!!

'Lone Pine'...... a lot of great times were had at, and good memories come back from, this place.

Lone Pine.

They breed funny looking horses out here.

A Jacky Lizard checks us out from one of its favourite spots as we approach Dangaroo.

A last chance to get some 'feathered' shots before we leave for home..
Brown-headed Honeyeaters, Red-browed Finch, Double-barred Finch and Superb Fairy (Blue) Wren.

Trees on a hill.

Lue Railway Station.

Lue shopping centre.

Disused  rail bridge at Rylstone.

Capertee rail station has seen better days.

Capertee rail station has seen better days.

Burnt bush looking west from Monkey Creek Café.

Where the fire had been, from Du Faurs Rocks Lookout Mount Wilson.

Du Faurs Rocks Lookout

How it was in good times. Chinamans Hat (rock) can be seen in background. 

After the fire, looking over Chinaman's Hat.

Smoke still coming from small fires/smouldering trees.

Cover all gone.

Little patches survived, pink lilies still in flower.

Hakea sp. has released its seed hopefully to grow and replace its parents.

Hakea sp. has released its seed hopefully to grow and replace its parents.

Hakea sp. has released its seed hopefully to grow and replace its parents.
And the bush will live on.

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