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Saturday, December 28, 2013

An Outing to West Head, or, Looking For a Cool Breeze.

Somewhere to go that would be cooler than home.

The Hawksbury River looking towards Broken Bay.

Sea-plane landing on the Hawksbury River.

Walking down to West Head Lookout with Barrenjoey Headland and Palm Beach in the distance.

Barrenjoey Headland.

2 ways of getting around.

Broken Bay

Broken Bay and Palm Beach.

Kite surfing at Palm Beach.

Overlooking Pittwater from West Head.

Sea-plane Landing in Pittwater.

Lion Island with Umina Beach and Brisbane Waters in the background.

Aboriginal engraving site in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Aboriginal engravings.
'Pecked petroglyphs' as the engraving are know, were made by striking the rock surface with a pointed stone or a strong shell. Small pits or holes were made and usually overlapped to form a groove. Using water as a lubricant, rough grooves were smoothed out to form an outline.
 The pecked designs took a variety of forms - concentric circles, lines, the outlines of animals, people, fish, birds, weapons, reptiles, animal tracks and mythical beings.

Aboriginal engravings.

Aboriginal engravings.

Aboriginal engravings.

Spiney-tailed Golden Ants in Dwarf Apple blossom.

Akuna Bay Cruising Club.

Out of the water, boat storage.

If I only had a spare 5 or 6 million dollars, this could be mine.

Something to tow behind the bigger one.

Akuna Bay Cruising Club.

Wherever I went these 'beams'  would radiated from my head.

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