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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gallery Gardens - Parramatta Art Society - Bushcare

Marina Gilmore, from Dananggara Corridors Bushcare Group, organised with Parramatta Council and the Parramatta Art Society to put together this temporary art display at Gallery Gardens Reserve, Old Toongabbie, called 'Drawing Inspiration from the Bush'. There was also grateful assistance from Home Hardware &Timber at Pendle Hill.
There were finished pieces, easels set up with new works started  plus a sculpture in progress. I apologise for not knowing all the artist's names.

Click on photos to enlarge.

One of the finished works, plus one of the reserves Cabbage Gums.

Some of the groups artworks set up in the reserve.

A 'work in progress' with  Robert Frost.

An audience of one.

The first brush-stroke is the hardest.
Artist is Brian Richardson.

Twis  of the artist's subjects.

Progressing well.

Works by Heather Wilford.

A nicely shaded area.

Concentrating  / contemplating.

Lichen on the fence.

Simon Alexander and friends testing out the construction of  the sculpture 'Ring of Confidence'. 

 A Crow Moth (Cruria donowani), a day-flying moth, found the sculpture to its liking.

A touch of green.

Caught In The Corner.

Getting some tips.


Landscapes and country.

There are birds here.

Scribbles you can read.

I nice work in pastles.

Actually worth a closer look.

Textures in tannin.

Tranquil time.

Commelina (blue flowers) being captured on paper.

Art on a fence.

Reflections in the creek.

Leaves on leaves.

Coming along nicely.

Different strokes.

Home Warehouse helping out.

Casuarinas (she-oaks) of a different kind.

Pastles in the park.

Now for the final touches.

So where's Old Toongabbie?

I can only push buttons, not brushes.

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