Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zane, Janis and Iveta visit Sydney.

We had a chance to show Zane's Dad and Iveta some of the sights of Sydney today. 
Zane suggested that we could pick them up from Epping train station and then drive out to North Head. We decided to have morning tea at Nth Head and then go to Palm beach for lunch where they could catch the ferry back to Ettalong.
The day was sunny but the wind was cold and fairly strong (see photos with red blankets). We had a bit of a 'brush with the stars' event at Palm Beach, as they were filming an episode of 'Home and Away' when we arrived. At first, Zane thought that all the people we first saw where in the queue to get into the restaurant, but they were only watching the actors do their stuff.
It was good to catch up and finally meet Zane's dad, Janis.

                                                       Click on photos to enlarge.

Zane, Janis and Iveta on a windy day at Nth Head, with the Sydney skyline in the background.

Zane, Janis and Iveta on a windy day at Nth Head, with the Sydney skyline in the background.

Janis taking photos from Nth Head.

Getting it all on video.

Looking across the heads to Sydney.

Should have taken a fishing rod. These fish were in the ocean off Nth Head.

Our tour leader having a rest.

Enjoying the view.

Pointing out a reason why you don't stand right on the edge.

Taking photos of the sandstone rock-face.

Rugging-up against the cool breeze.
The 2 locals had warm clothes for the conditions.

It was warmer sitting in the sun at the back.

Janis at Manly Beach.

Looking north over Narrabeen Beach and Lake from Collaroy Plateau.

Lunch at the 'Boatshed', Palm Beach.

'Catch of the Day' at table number 47.

After lunch it was time to catch a ferry.

On the Palm Beach ferry wharf.

The end to a sunny but windy trip to the northern beaches.

Sailing back to Latvia, Umina.

When we arrived at Palm Beach they were filming an 
episode of  'Home and Away'.

'Home and Away' stars' Matt' and 'Sasha'.
'Home and Away' stars' Matt' and 'Sasha'.
He tried to stab her with his tie.

'Sasha' and 'Matt' from 'Home and Away'.

''Home and Away' actors..

'Alf', 'Marilyn', 'John' and (maybe) 'Irene', from 'Home and away'.

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