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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Trip to Manly.

A day out with Lorraine and John to Manly.

Click on photos to enlarge.

A gloomy morning sky at Circular Quay.

'The Toaster'

Sydney Skyline

Coal-loader scoop?

A tiled sail.

A ferry with sails.

Sydney from ferry.

Sydney feeling Blue.

One sails and one doesn't.

It's a race to see who gets to Manly first.

Lorraine reads a book that isn't there.

Where are we going today Mr Nicholson? Where is it going to be? Don’t turn left,
turn right down the harbour, and out to the open sea.
In the distance I could see something in the water ......now looking at the photo
I can see it was a seal (head to the right and scratching it's back flipper).

Thinking of a former homeland?

A ferry sails past North Head.

The fish-catchers.
You don't need a 50 foot cruiser to enjoy the harbour.

She's in front, but not even paddling.

A pair of bathers, 'Oceanides', a sculpture by Helen Leete. Looking towards Manly Beach from Fairy Bower.

Cabbage Tree Bay and Shelly Beach.

Can you see the 2 'real live' ones.

Looking north across Cabbage Tree Bay to Queenscliff, Freshwater, Curl Curl and Long Reef Beaches.

The first of the northern suburbs beaches.

No whales today.

Waiting for their owners.


That pile of rocks shows why you shouldn't stand on the edge. 3 WWII army lookouts can also be seen.

This fellow didn't have a clue the ferry was this close............
nearly sh*t himself when the ferry hooted. Maybe he was having a 'green pea'.

The most grievous loss suffered by the Royal Australian Navy occurred on 19 November 1941, when the cruiser
 HMAS Sydney was lost in action with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran off the Western Australian coast.
 None of the Sydney's complement of 645 men survived. The Kormoran was also sunk in the action.

Chased by sail.
 Reflection in ferry's window.

Led by a seagull.
  Originally FRA 40,  America's Cup Yacht , AUS 40, was built by the Challenge of the Antibes Yacht Club for the 1995 America’s Cup in San Diego. It wasn’t finished in time so did not race but was completed in 1998 and brought to New Zealand by the Swiss team FAST 2000 as a trial boat for the 2000 America’s Cup in Auckland. She was upgraded to NSW Maritime commercial survey standards and shipped to Sydney in November 2010.

Now, where have I seen that before?

Luna Park ........ Just For Fun.

L4403, I believe, is one of the landing crafts from the new HMAS Canberra.

Bridge climbers.

Chalk Urban Art Festival.
  Created by Australia’s most highly awarded pavement artist, Jenny McCracken and internet 
sensation Leon Keer from the Netherlands. The duo were supported by 6 artists from around the country. 
 Over 6 days the team produced the 350sqm optical illusion titled ‘Wasting Time’.

Chalk Urban Art Festival.

Chalk Urban Art Festival.

Chalk Urban Art Festival.

Chalk Urban Art Festival.

Chalk Urban Art Festival.

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX10

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