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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Berowra Waters, and then Church Point and Akuba Bay with Lori & Les. 27 & 30 Dec 2015

Lynn and I had a Sunday afternoon at Berowra Waters and then on the Wednesday Les & Lori picked us up for a drive to Church Point, initially it was going to be somewhere VERY crowded, Manly.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Boats of Berowra

The fallen. Old pontoon pillars.

Wharf Roach  Ligia sp.

Water and Brick

Praying we won't sink  (it worked).

Berowra Waters

Berowra Waters, looking from the east side.

The Lace Monitor can grow to 2 metres (78 inches) long.

Berowra Waters Punt (Ferry).

One of the Harlequin / Jewel Bugs ?

Aboriginal 'shell midden'.    A 'midden' is an occupation site
where Aboriginal people left the remains of their meals.

The 'waterfall' on the Waterfall Walk.

Riding the ferry back to where the car was parked.

Our cruise Captain.






Boats of Berowra

Trees of Berowra

Trees of Berowra

Sydney Red Gums

Christmas Bush

I'll have to see the doctor about getting some cream for my legs.

Church Point and Akuba Bay.

With Lori & Les.

View from our lunch table at the Waterfront Store, Church Point.

Mariner in McCarrs Creek, Church Point.

Mariner in McCarrs Creek, Church Point.

One of the children from Easter Island.

VH-SWB made by DE HAVILLAND CANADA. Built in 1964 and has
 the Serial Number 1557.

Launched in October 2014, Appliances Onlines Legend Blimp is
39 metres long and 11 metres wide - it's the largest (and only)
blimp currently flying in the Southern hemisphere.


The Swallows were Welcoming at Church Point


Boats at Akuna Bay.

Reflection at Akuna Bay.

Here's $1097, keep the change.

There's no harm in dreaming.

Reflection at Akuna Bay.

New growth on the Sydney Red Gums.

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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