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Monday, March 5, 2018

Southern Highlands and the South Coast. Feb. 2018

We spent a night at the Mercure Gerringong Resort on the south coast, which Craig and Andria had given to Lynn for her 70th birthday (just the night, not the whole resort). The next night we stayed down at Batemans Bay then came home via Braidwood and Goulburn.
A week prior to that we spent a night at Mittagong on the Southern Tablelands and have include the photos from that trip here as well.
Thank you Craig and Andria (and girls)

The video has to be watched on this page 
 click / tap on photos to enlarge.

(PbL) Photo by Lynn

Southern Highlands

Morris Minor in camouflage colours, Burrawang.

Thankfully, we didn't meet them (today, anyway).
Car sticker on side window of the Morris Minor.

Cottage and garden, Burrawang.

Lilium flower.

Belmore Falls, near Robertson.
Uniting Church, Bundanoon

Uniting Church, Bundanoon

A view from the Grand Canyon Lookout,Southern Highlands, near Bundanoon.

I counting this as a  Copper-tailed Skink. Morton National Park.
A little touch of gold.

Echo Point Viewing Platform

The caged off 'Wishing Well', carved into the rock was a favourite
stopping place for honeymooners in the old days.

This beautiful Golden/Yellow-headed Fly (Amenia sp ?) was
resting on the cage around the 'wishing well'.

Lake Alexandra, Mittagong. 

Mural, Bundanoon.      

Mural, Bundanoon.       

When 'Naked Ladies' dance on your grave.     

Gerringong, south and west. 

We had a great view of the wetlands from our balcony at the Mercure Gerringong Resort.

Oh yes, they had a pool as well.     

Enjoying Lynn's birthday present.     

We spent a lot of time here (on the balcony that is).     

Werri Beach

Lynn being buzzed by security forces.

Bad hair day at Werri Beach.

The house on the hill overlooks Werri Lagoon.

Sit-a-while at Werri Lagoon.

Dicky Knee goes for a swim in Werri Lagoon.

Looking north from south Werri Beach.

Pines and horses on the headland at Gerringong.

Gerringong Cemetery, dedicated 1863, has 'a view to die for'.

                                                                           A view to die for.                                                                         

Long shadows.

I wandered lonely as a tree.

Don't fence me in.
Gerringong boat ramp. 
The Boat Harbour was used by cedar cutters who shipped their timber out as early as the 1840s.

A memorial to 'the ships that called into Gerringong, the men that
sailed them and our pioneers of that time, 1810-1895'.

Somewhere to rest your head.

"Ah good, my favourite bit is still there"

Sunrise from our balcony.

Can you see the face of the hairy 'Bunyip', and his cat, that live in the wetland?

As usual, I'm up first.

Remote control sailers at the Shoalhaven Heads - River Rd Boat Ramp.

Remote control sailing.

Waiting for a goods-train, from the Manildra Group's Mill at Bomaderry, to pass.

A carnation enjoys the view at Culburra Beach.

The 'Flags of the Day' were Egypt, Chinese New Year and Iceland, at Currarong.

Soldier Crabs on the march at Batemans Bay.

Where's Wally?

Mariners Jetty, Batemans Bay

Rock and roll, to and fro.

"Buoyansea", by the artist Jesse Graham, at Batemans Bay.

"Buoyansea", by the artist Jesse Graham, at Batemans Bay.

Guess I'm just a sucker for your love.

Boardwalk in the Water Garden Town Park Wetlands, Batemans Bay.

A resident Grey-headed Flying Fox in the Water Garden Town Park Wetlands.

Oldsmobile in Braidwood

Oldsmobile in Braidwood     

The Braidwood Hotel, still not quite finished.
Braidwood Hotel, Feb 2016, not as many windows broken and more art.

Braidwood Hotel, Feb 2018

Looks like it was once smaller.

Mail boxes at Foxs Elbow.

Mail boxes at Foxs Elbow.

Goulburn Court House

Once I was pretty.

A fountain, erected in 1899, in Belmore Park by subscription to the
memory of Dr. Hollis, member for Goulburn from June 1891 to July 1898.

Goulburn Post Office and Town Hall.

A few country towns had a Paragon Cafe. Goulburn.

Let there be light. Street lamp with switches, Goulburn.

Queen Victoria's bust on the Goulburn Post Office.

Side entrance, Goulburn Post Office.

Some of the birds, c/w from top left:   
Osprey,    Pacific Golden Plover,   White-faced Heron,   Sooty Oystercatcher,   Great Egret

Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Samsung S5 (phone)


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