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Monday, May 21, 2018

Birdwatching with I & R, Chiltern Vic to Cowra NSW

I met Irwyn and Rosemary, who were on there way home after a trip to Tasmania, at Chiltern Victoria on Thursday evening.

Friday, after birding Lake Anderson at Chilton Caravan Park, we headed off for Honeyeater Picnic Area in the Mount Pilot National Park. Nothing was going to happen here as there was a hazard reduction burn-off operation going on in the park, so it was off to some local wetlands in other parts of the park. First to Chiltern Number 1 Dam then onto Number 2 Dam (very imaginative names) and then to Lake Moodemere for lunch. After lunch we headed for that nights camp at Stantons Bend on the Murray River.

Saturday morning we head for our next camp at Burrowye Reserve, also on the Murray, via Beechworth, where we have lunch, and Yackandandah.

After some rewarding birding at the reserve it's off to Bethungra Dam via the river crossing at Jingellic, Holbrook, Culcairn (lunch in the park), East Wagga Wagga and Junee. Two Superb Parrots at Junee were a highlight, only seen because we stopped next to the tree they were in to do a u-turn.

As this was going to be my last day away and it was hard to leave the camp spot at the dam as it was pretty idyllic but, good things lay ahead. The birds were good at Cootamundra's Pioneer Park and we were able to add a few more to our lists.
After lunch we paid a visit to the fellow who got me into birdwatching, Athol Coleman, who lives in Cowra. Athol was in his element sharing stories with I & R and showing them through his collection in the 'Shed'. Photos, more stories, jokes, doodles, a demo on the 'Largerphone', poetry and of course, the telling of nursery rhymes ....backwards. It was good to see him again. While there Athol suggested we try the local sewerage works as, he said, some good birds turn up there. Well, as luck would have it, and I mean luck, I fluked a photo of a Freckled Duck. I happened to take a photo of some Pink-eared Ducks and when checking the photo in the camera, just in the frame, there is a Freckled Duck. By the time I had made sure what it was and had time to check it out again where it was, it had flown, you can be lucky sometimes.
After the sewerage works I said hooray to I & R, who were heading for the hot-air balloon festival at Canowindra, and headed for for home.   

 There is a Video to be watched on this page 
 click / tap on photos to enlarge.

Chiltern to Burrowye Reserve Vic

Thursday 19th.   
The trip from home to Chiltern

Up and coming artists show their skills in Gundagai.

Dainty Swallowtail   or Small Citrus Butterfly   (Papilio anactus),  Gundagai.

The Prince Alfred Bridge (left) was built in 1866, the first major crossing
spanning the Murumbidgee River.  The Railway Bridge (right)  was completed
in 1902.  Gundagai.

The dual Sheahan bridges. 
The first was opened to traffic in March 1977, the second on 25 May 2009.
In front, the railway Bridge and at the rear The Prince Alfred Bridge.
This hazard reduction burn was making its own cloud.

Loco N463 pulling into Albury Station.

Friday 20th  Chiltern to Stantons Bend

Sunrise at Lake Anderson, Chiltern Vic.

Luxury accommodation, and on the left is where Irwyn and Rosemary sleep. 
We stayed at the Lake Anderson Caravan Park.  Lake Anderson is in the background.

Chiltern Vic.

Queen Elizabeth, who was visiting Chiltern at the time, can be seen in the shop window.

Kilgour's Blacksmith and Foundry, Chiltern, established in 1859. 
This brick building replaced the original bark roofed building in 1865.
Skiing at Lake Moodemere, on the Murray River.

Just checking to see if the windscreen is clean.
Some of the birds at one of the local swamps.

A monument cairn to Major T. Mitchell who passed here on 17th October 1863.
 This is just one of the 36 cairns erected where he passed
on his way to explore the Darling and Murray Rivers.

Water views were free. Stantons Bend (Norong) Vic

Looking back from the river.
They didn't catch anything.

Looking for a better spot.

Evening glow on the Murray.

Better than watching TV.

Saturday 21st   Stantons Bend to Burrowye Reserve

Early morning outboard motor mist.

What more could you want?

Early morning reflections.

If you don't want to 'rough it' you could always stay at the Resort.

Paddock pelicans.

Victoria Hotel, Rutherglen Vic
Beechworth Historic Court House.

Street chatter.

There was a strong breeze from the right.

Site of the Argus office, the first newspaper sold in Beechworth. 
It was also the site of a drapery and clothing store, a tobacconist and from 1861 to 1871, the Corner Hotel.

Skoda Felicia (early 1960's)
Skoda Felicia (early 1960's)

Autumn Glow

A bright courtyard of the Freeman on Ford (bed & breakfast)
a former Oriental Bank and Brigidine Convent, circa 1876.

A little ironic that a figure of a bushranger (bandit/robber) has to be chained so it can't be stolen.

Yeah, and the same to you.

Well, the sights you see in Beechworth.

A stranger from the past.  Yackandandah

VW Combi lineup.

Ace Combi.

VW Beetle

Combi's rule.
Don't mix with Woody.

VW Hot Wheels

VW Hot Wheels

VW Yellow Fellow

VW Combi lineup.

Wheels apart.

Chevvy donk, Ford wheels.

54 Chevvy slinks in the shade.

Once was Jack Holden Motor Garage.

Jack Holden mural, Yackandandah Vic.

Indian Springfield/Chief Dark Horse.

Lance crosses Koetong Creek which runs into Lake Hume.

Burrowye Reserve to Cowra

Sunday 22nd 
Burrowye Reserve to Bethungra Dam Reserve

Sunrise at Burrowye Reserve, Towong, Victoria.

Sunrise at Burrowye Reserve, Towong, Victoria.

A monument to Commander N D Holbrook and early Irish and German settlers.
Before 1915 Holbrook was known as Germanton, and before that Ten Mile Creek.

Submarine HMAS Otway. Holbrook, NSW

In 1915 the Australian submarine AE2, the first Allied
warship to make it though the Dardanelles, was commanded
by Irishman Lieutenant-Commander Henry Stoker.

Greater Hume Shire Visitor Information Centre and Holbrook Submarine Museum.

My last camping spot at Lake Bethungra Reserve (Bethungra Dam) NSW.

The dung beetles have been busy.

Monday 23rd   
Bethungra Reserve to home

Sunrise Lake at Bethungra Reserve.

Coots coming over for breakfast.

Red-rumped Parrot bathing.

"Can you remember where the gate is"
Lake Bethungra Reserve

All the comforts of home.

Bethungra Rail Spiral. An engineering feat constructed in the 1940s to allow rail engines to negotiate the steep slope.
The Spiral goes through two tunnels(below) and then back over the top (see tracks) of the hill.

I'm thinking these are the exoskeletons of dead millipedes.
They were heaped near ant nests in Pioneer Park, Cootamundra NSW.

I was just taking photos of the Pink-eared Ducks (right) and when
checking photo in camera noticed Australia's rarest duck, the Freckled Duck
on the left. By the time we had looked again it had flown away. 
Cowra Sewerage Treatment Plant.

Rural scene at Lyndhurst NSW.

Then two sheep decided to have a head butting competition.

At first I thought this horse was a dummy as it stood there motionless for ages.

Some of the birds seen

C/wise from top left:  Swamp Hen (young),   Cattle Egret,   Brown Treecreeper,   Tree Martin

C/wise from top left:  Black-fronted Dotterel,   Great Egret,   Yellow (Crimson) Rosella,   House Sparrow

C/wise from top left:  Little Corella,   Blue-faced Honeyeater,   Grey Goshawk,   Superb Parrot

C/wise from top left:  Red-kneed Dotterel,   Great Cormorant,   Crested Shrike-tit,   Red-rumped Parrot

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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