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Monday, April 30, 2012

A weekend in the capital - Canberra 28/29 Apr 2012

 Wayne was doing a 100km cross-country mountain bike race from Queanbeyan to Mount Stromlo in the ACT and we were there to transport his car back to the finish point. Sara came with us.
 Morning tea in a pine forest on the way down gave us a chance to see some fungi which had come up after the latest rains.The fungi of fairy books, Amanita muscaria or Fly Agaric, were coming up everywhere. Also the edible Lactarius deliciosus or Saffron Milk Cap were being collected by fungi hunters by  the bag full.

Met Wayne at the finish and went onto the Botanical Gardens. A bit rushed and a little dissapointed that the only photo I got to take was of a fungi that was being enjoyed by several flies. 

Then onto the Telstra communication tower on Black Mountain for good views over Canberra

That night we went for a walk though the Civic Centre and had dinner at a noodle place.

After breakfast went to The National Museum of Australia.  


                                                                                                Even had toys for the big kids.

 Sorry Sara, it's too heavy to put in the car.

Then off to Parliment House.

 Going for a walk on the roof.

 They must have Sundays off.

Then onto the War Memorial.

Time for home after a busy weekend.

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