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Thursday, May 17, 2012

CBOC Outing to Palmdale 9.5.12

This CBOC mid-week outing was to a private property at Palmdale. The trees along the road near the property and also along their driveway gave the appearence that we were in the Blue Mtns at MtWilson or down in Bowral than the rainforest habitat at Palmdale. Morning tea was the first thing out of the way and then we walked back along the road to check for birds along the rainforest edge on one side and gardens and fields on the other. Not a great number of birds but enough to keep us occupied.  Good views of some Gang Gang Cockatoos and some were lucky enough to see some female Regent Bowerbirds, unfortunatley the males eluded us. After a fruitless quick walk around the property it was time for lunch. It was then onto Ourimbah to check out a spot where a Noisy Pitta had been sighted recently. No Pitta but a Green Catbird, a bird I haven't seen for a long time, was seen. A good day with some good people.
Autumn leaves

Gang Gang Cockatoo

Gang Gang Cockatoo

Gang Gang Cockatoo

A fiendly local

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