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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Afternoon at Mount Wilson

It was cold, and with showers threatening on the coast, we decided to go to the higher grounds of  Mt Wilson. With 5C degrees and some misty showers we had the place almost to ourselves.

Click on photos to enlarge.

The place was packed, we were lucky to get a spot.

Sassafras trees on the 'Cathedral of Ferns'

Lynn with tree fern.

Tree fern trunk with climbing ferns.

Taking photo of the 'Giant Tree'. Luckily he wasn't at home.

The 'Giant Tree' was struck by lightning in 2008.

Eastern Yellow Robin in typical pose on
side of tree looking for food to pounce on.

Coral fern.

Gateway to little church.


Church garden.

Just about right.

Rhododendron flowers in church garden.

Helleborus flower in church garden.

 A host of golden daffodils............

Come on in.

We could find care, so we had to go by ourselves.

Drumsticks flowers  (Isopogon)

Not all the colours were the property of the flowers.

Coffee stop before leaving for home.

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