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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Parramatta National Tree Day Event

Today was PlantetArk's National Tree Day, and , with the help of Parramatta Council, I and about 90 others got our hands dirty (not too dirty as I had gloves).  The site where we planted the many trees,shrubs and grasses was at Baronbali Street Reserve along the Ponds-Subiaco catchment at Dundas. The total planting was hoped to be about 4,500 plants, I didn't see many left. A barbecue lunch was supplied after for those that volunteered and a wildlife display kept the kids (and some adults) amused.
(Photos were taken after most had left)

This was a tidy planting spot.

Weapons of choice.

Lunch and a rest.

Late comers.

Some thought we were a little baty.

An eye opening experience.

Can we take it home?

(you will just have to lean to one side)

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