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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Day at Taronga Zoo

 It had been many years since I last visited Taronga Zoo and,  having been given a free entry pass, and it was a Friday, (see here) I thought it about time I went there again.
It was school holidays and it was going to be a warm sunny day so, it looked like everyone in Sydney had the same idea. There were lots of changes (I don't think the addition of dinosaurs was one of the good ones, but I'm not a little kid) and there were still big changes being construcred.
In the afternoon a bit of a wind came up and that made the ferry trip back a little more interesting. Overall, a good day.
Leaving Circular Quay by Ferry.

Zoo wharf with City in background.
Bottom entrance.

Spotted Deer.

Jungle Fowl. 
They roam freely around  the Zoo grounds.
Meerkat keeps a lookout.
Don't you love the eye-lashes.
View from the Zoo.

View from the Zoo.

Echida checking out what's for lunch.

Hitching a ride on mum's back.
Trying to keep cool in the shade.
The Zoo's floral clock built in 1928.

Purple-crowned Fruit Dove.

Komodo Dragon.

That reminds me, I have to visit the dentist next week,

No more photos, please.
The birds are free to fly away but the Barbary Sheep has to stay.
Come on in mum, the water is lovely.
I would like to be here for feeding time.

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