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Friday, October 19, 2012

Holiday to St George Qld.......day 12 (last day and home)

Friday: Last day.
                         Relaxed in the morning before going to the new Putta Bucca Wetlands (part of Mudgee sewer works). As to day is Friday, and for me that's 'Flora Friday', the morning was taken up by trying to find some local flora to photograph. Some local and introduced flowers were found at the wetlands and some at the house, these can be seen if clicked on here. It was then time for the 3 hour final drive home
Great place to watch the world go by, well at least the birds and kangaroos.

A dog's life.

Jasmine on steroids.

Rainbow bee-eater.

I think it's a weed.

Old quarry truck planter.

Kangaroos think they own the place.

A victim of the heavy spring snow falls a week earlier, Clarence (near the Zig Zag Railway).

Where we went  (in yellow)

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