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Friday, October 12, 2012

Holiday to St George Qld....day 5.

Day 5, Fri 12th Oct.
All the rain and clouds had gone but the breeze was freezing (snow at Katoomba). Started the day, 6:45am, with a bird walk followed by a huge breakfast. We walked the boardwalk and then the treetop walk again and, after lunch walked the Python Track. Friday is my day to photograph flora and you can Click here to visit my 'Flora Friday' blog.

"come and get it".

We woke to clear skies and sunshine.
View from our room.

Regent Bowerbird (and his 2 ladies).
Close up and friendly.
"It was there a minute ago".
From the Netherlands.
A bird in the hand.........

Mother and Child

Don't look down!

Up amongst the birdsnests.

Our unit.

Feeding time.

Monument to the Stinson rescue.

Can I take it home?

Safety net.

I love these trees.

Lanky grass trees.

View from Python Track lookout.

The sign said...........

Stinson replica.

Nice end to the day.

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