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Monday, October 15, 2012

Holiday to St George Qld.......day 8

A disabled cow on the disabled units at the motel we stayed at.
A long drive ahead today to reach St George. Looking forward to seeing the drier inland and getting away from the coastal zone. The country has a good cover of grass and there was a fair bit of surface water still around. The bird-life is a bit thin and we are yet to see a live kangaroo (we did see a wallaby). I was surprised to see that Prickly Pears are still fairly common in this part of Queensland, and the were the tallest I have ever seen. Also another pest species was seen along the highway, Common (Indian) Mynah were in open pastures as well as bushy areas a long distance away from any dwellings.

The motel had a 'cow' theme.
The local flying fox colony at Kilcoy.
Another garden tree growing in it's natural area, Silky Oak.
I thought we had taken another wrong turn. Kilcoy.
One of the giant prickly pears.
 Must be nearly 5m (15ft) tall. 
Myall Creek, Dalby.
The 'Talking Circle' does get used, Dalby.
Lake Broadwater near Dalby.
The only place I used 'cruise control' (auto cruise).
Feral pigs, oink oink.
Looks like they've got the barbie going for us.
Sand Goanna (Gould's Monitor)
Bug and wildflower.
Spinifex grass.
Spinifex and wildflowers go together.

Would have taken a long time to dig out using stone tools.
It was this deep (could have silt on the bottom).
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