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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holiday to St George Qld....day 9

This net keeps the flies from stealing his lunch box.
We spent the day in the St George area just looking around.

A liitle bit of colour along the side of the road.
It might seem dry here but water from the river helps a lot.
Bougainvillea grows well out here.
As do the Jacarandas.
Pale-headed Rosella.
Jack Taylor Weir. The 2012 floods covered the roadway on the weir.
The weir from down stream.
Not as much water on this side.
Some locals keep their eyes on me. Black Kites (Fork-tailed Kite).
Where's a Mr Whippy when you want one.
Pretty but I think it's a weed.
Flood waters reached the 'welcome sign.'
Very popular here.
Cotton is the main industry here.
And here it is on the plant.
They might need to get a bigger pole.
Balonne River, St George.
Balonne River, St George.
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