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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mount Keira to Stanwell Tops, A Day Out.

The Mt Keira Summit Lookout is now run as part of the Wollongong Botanic Gardens. We had planned to lave lunch at the café there but it was closed and all boarded up. We then went down the hill to Kembla Heights, no food there so it was then down to the harbour (Belmore Basin) at Wollongong for a late fish & chips.
We then drove back along the coastal road, going over the Sea Bridge, to Stanwell Tops and Royal National Park.
Mount Keira Summit Lookout looking south east.

Looking north over the Illawarra beaches towards The Royal National Park and Sydney (obscured).

Like smoke from bushfires, the sea-spray rises to cover the coastline.
Looking over Wollongong and the steel mills of Port Kembla.

Lake Illawarra.
Lighthouse on Flagstaff  Hill and Wollongong Harbour (where we had lunch).

Steel works and main harbour at Port Kembla.

Corrimal Beach.

Jagged Moon at Midday.

There was a good surf running...........

.............and the wind was whipping up a nice curling spray.

The Breakwater Lighthouse was constructed of wrought
 iron plates in 1871.

Part of the fishing fleet.

Waiting for it's crew.

Dorothy and friend.
All Tied Up.
Bringing home the bacon fish.
This is a great place when the seas are really big.
The young boy lying down on the left of the photo had a waterproof camera
on the end of the pole. He was taking photos of smaller waves near the
 lighthouse by reaching out and immersing the camera into the water. 

Trying to get that one good photo.

This one nearly got us. Reflex photo by turning and shooting at sound of
 wave crashing behind us.
Good chance of getting wet as well as a fish.

Too windy to go out???

A rail but no sail.

One to bring you in and one to keep you out.

The lighthouse on  Flagstaff Hill was built in 1936.

Wartime gun emplacement.
Letting off some steam from the steel works.
That is a Wave Power Generator in the water at bottom left
hand corner of photo.

Looks like the light is on thanks to the setting sun.

That thong you lost could be here.


The Sea Bridge.

The Sea Bridge.

'The Stack' at Port Kembla appears to give the bridge the 'bird'.

Sea Bridge from Stanwell Tops

At Stanwell Tops a chilly 12C brings to a close a most pleasant day.

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  1. dear Bill, what a wonderful day out. I almost feel like I shared it with you. Some great photos, and I love the immediacy of the videos. cheers, catmint

    1. Happy that you are enjoying the ride,glad to have you along with us.