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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mount Tomah

                                    No this isn't Flora Friday at the wrong address.
Lynn wanted to go for a drive and she just happened to pick somewhere there were a few plants, which seemed a bit weird as I had planned to have a rest from doing this on a Friday (this was Saturday). When we arrived there I told her it was good that there was no pressure to come up with 20 minimum plants species that I hadn't seen before. Also I could cheat a little and tweak some of the colours a bit.
Some autumn leaves were still hanging on
Fallen warrior.
They breed them big up here.
I liked the colours.
All that is gold..............
Walking amongst the fallen.
Differing textures.
A surprise in waiting.
Rowing in circles.
Lava trap.
.........5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off.
Out of Africa.
It's bite is worse than it's bark.
One not to eat.
Amanita muscaria  -  Fly Agaric.
Colour on a bare branch.
Crimson Rosella.

Trunks in winter shades.
From the south and from the north.
This young lady watched us drive by as we came home
via the Colo River.
Common Wallaroo.

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  1. Spectacular autumn colours. That's one thing we don't see up here in the north. Love the Parrot too!

    1. The colours are nice, but not the cold that comes with them. The rosellas can be most obliging.......sometimes.

  2. dear bill, what wonderful fabulous photos - I love each one more than the one before!

    1. Catmint, thank you. It's nice to know that you enjoyed the photos, see if I can keep up the standard.