Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Moor Kullchar - Art Gallery Of New South Wales (NSW) Sydney.

Sara really enjoyed her visit to the Art Gallery, checking out every painting, sculpture and pottery piece. I had a lot of pleasure from seeing the paintings of some of Australia's best artists. There will have to be a return visit.

Today the Diamond Princess was in town, and there was also a ship.

'Moore Stairs' worn by time at Circular Quay, built in 1868.

Art in the road.
   Developed to withstand the demands of heavy traffic, the KORUM cover resists severe use conditions and integrates the innovation of automatic locking to an innovative anti-theft system.
 (well, there you go).

In the grounds (they need some water) of Government House (in background).

Lewis Wolfe Levy Fountain, 1889.

Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Art Gallery of New South Wales.

New    old    classic   contemporary.
 Or is it someone just scratching their back on a old pillar.

Miriam Schapiro (Canada)  -  Black Bolero.

Raqib Shaw (India)  -  Blossom Gatherers ll

Aboriginal art.

There is pink in Aboriginal art.

Yes, it was ok to do this.

I should know who painted these.

Arthur Boyd.

Sidney Nolan.

Walter Withers, Charles Conder, Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts.

Tom Roberts,  Arthur Streeton and Frederick McCubbin.

Art in black and white.

From bottom left clockwise:                Russell Drysdale,
                                                             Lloyd Rees  -  The Harbour from McMahons Point 
                                                             Brett Whiteley  -  The balcony 2
                                                             Sidney Nolan  -  Central Australia  
                                                             Jeffery Smart  -  Central Station II


√Čvariste Luminais  -  The sons of Clovis II

Look grandma, there's more over here.

No, it's NOT a statue of young Dennis Lillie.

Who is going to clean up all the droppings?

Figures in the mist.

Looking Out.

This is all too serious.

Ricky Swallow  -  Killing Time

So many things to see.

Passing through America.

Main gates to the Botanic Gardens.

Ice-blocks in the shade.

A lonely Lotus.

Cooling off in the breeze.

We can climb out through there.

'Folly for Mrs Macquarie'
This sculpture by Fiona Hall has a domed roof of metal bones representing the animals that once lived in this area.

David and Amanda are in Love.
  (I wonder if they still are)

Not as busy as it was on Australia Day.

Who's your friend?

Nearly back at the ferry.

It has been a busy day.

Every good day should end with fireworks.

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