Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sydney Harbour on Australia Day 2014

This is how Delle, Lynn and I spent Oztralia Day.
We met at Circular Quay and had a coffee until the rain stopped then walked around to the Opera House, just in time for the Great Ferry Race. Then we made ourselves comfortable above Farm Cove to have lunch and watch the official opening by the Governor General and the sail past of the decorated water craft. After this we headed of to Macquarie Street, via the Botanical Gardens, to see the gathering of old cars, then through Hyde Park to catch the train home.

'Happy Birthday     Australia'

226 years ago their ancestors were the only ones here. things have changed.

Some had great views atop the bridge.

You should never turn tour back to the waves at the beach.

When the beach comes to the Opera House.

When the beach comes to the Opera House.

Every boat for themselves.

Ferry Race and Chaos on the Harbour.

Now, how do I get it to take a  %/X%@#  photo!

The day did have it dramas when the water police ducky took the ambos out to bring back a young girl.

The HMAS Choules (L100), a Bay-class landing ship, moves to take it place in the harbour for the opening. 

Airforce Flyby.

Even the dog was enjoying the day on the water.

All smiles, well it was a Birthday Party.

Helicopter returns after dropping off Governor General.

When sharks kiss.

Skirting the sails.

The skies were also busy. Some of the aircraft seen today.

The lunch spot.

Some old ones here.

More flags than sail.

The Decorated Sail Past.

I've been everywhere.

Be grateful we can also use water hoses for fun, not riots.

All having a good time.

Anybody they know?

Here Comes the Tall Ships.

The make them a little bigger now than they use to.

The 'Waratah", launched in 1902, is one of the oldest working steam tugs in the world

Sail, on timber and steel.

There was even one from 'up the coast'.

Sail and sandstone.

And how it could have looked in earlier times.

They came down the harbour at a very leisurely pace.

 And then there were four.

Qantas A30 Flyover.

Passing Admiralty House, built in 1846, it is the Sydney residence of the Governor-General.

Sometime in the past.

And a few seconds later.

But nothing from Great Britain, must be a 'convict' thing.
(There was one from Canada but I forgot to add it in)

Captain Arthur Phillip RN, the fist Governor of New South Wales, 1788 - 1792.

Bob's immaculate MG in the display of older cars.

Only took a few photos this year. The white car, a  Scimitar GTE, to me is the ideal shape and size.

A small colourful floral display.

St Mary's Cathedral.

Looks like Stonehenge. did they get that out here.

The Wiggles drew a big crown (don't know why).
The close of the crowd shows the make up of the next generation of Australians.

Some of the strangers I saw during the day enjoying themselves.

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