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Monday, February 23, 2015

Arlo, Days 3,4 &5.

Arlo arrives home.

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Arlo arriving home.

Arlo arriving home.

My own bed, that's better.

"Meet your new brother Charlie".

(Charlie) " Mmmmm, thanks"

You can change him tomorrow.

Yes, all the same baby, he changes evey 5 minutes.

It's very exhausting for a little one.

Meeting some of the uncles.

Meeting some of the aunties.

Meeting some of the uncles and aunties.

Oh no, did you just fill your nappy?

No, you can't take him home.

A gum tree for Arlo to climb.

Aunty Ruby thinks little Arlo is terrific.

Arlo's first outing ..... to Patonga Seafoods (fish and chips).

He will grow into it.

Now let me think, where did dad leave those car keys.

Slept all the time.

Today he has Zane's eyes.

All this socializing is catching up on someone.

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