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Friday, February 20, 2015

Arlo Has Arrived. Days 1 and 2.

Our youngest son and daughter-in-laws first child, Arlo, is welcomed into the world.

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Videos have to be watched on this page.

Can also be watched (with music) on  YouTube

It's Arlo Boy.
Meet our son, Arlo.
2 very proud parents.

That's  it my boy, you tell 'em.

He has his mother's finger-nails.

Introducing Baby:  Arlo.     Baby of:  Zane de Belin.    Time: 0952 hrs.   Sex:  Male.    Weight:  3160gms.    Length:  52cms.   Head Circumference:  32cms.

Arlo and his dad.

Arlo and his mum.

One relieved grandma.

Just having a chat.

Cousin Sara was most excited.

Brings back memories.



Second Day

Click on videos to watch


Arlo testing his lungs.

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