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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A drive to Berry, Kiama and Fitzroy Falls.

  A Sunday drive on a Friday.

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Kiama Lighthouse

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The vice-president of the Lighthouses of Australia
 organisation says painting the Centenary of Anzac logo
 on the Kiama Lighthouse could set a "dangerous precedent"
 for more than 360 lighthouses across Australia.

Berry Hotel was once called the Commercial Hotel.

Prior to 1889 a general store occupied this site after which
The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney purchased the land and
 later erected the present building.

This was built in 1896 for the Berry Estate by W. Coward. One section was built especially 
as a bakery and is still one today. The estate Agents office was once a produce
 store and Auctioneer’s premises, later it was occupied by the Bank of Australasia,

Might need a chainsaw.

Seven Mile Beach.

This little piece of driftwood would have looked good in the garden.


Hampton Bridge,  Kangaroo Valley. This bridge is the only surviving suspension
bridge from the Colonial Period of NSW. Designed by E M de Burgh and built by
Loveridge and Hudson in 1898.

Crossing the Hampton Bridge,  Kangaroo Valley.

Hampton Bridge,  Kangaroo Valley.

Hampton Bridge,  Kangaroo Valley.

There was a good flow at Fitzroy Falls.

Fitzroy Falls.

Fitzroy Falls. Main (top) falls.

Fitzroy Falls. Top, middle and bottom falls.

Fitzroy Falls. Middle falls.

I didn't realize a snake had so many legs.

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