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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nan Tien Buddhist Temple with Les and Lori.

A big thank you to my brother Les, and sister-in-law Lori, for taking us out for the day as I was still not allowed to drive as yet.
Lynn and I had not been to this Temple before so it was doubly good to be able to get out and to somewhere new. The weather was a bit cool but sunny (it rained the next day) so there were no complaints there, and I enjoyed the vegetarian lunch.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Our driver taking his new car for a drive.

The 'Pagoda' at the  Nan Tien Buddhist Temple complex.

The Monument.


The 'Pagoda' at the  Nan Tien Buddhist Temple complex.

The area between the Main Shrine and the Front Shrine (center building).

Incense burner.

Entrance to the Main Shrine.

Ornate stonework.

Tiled roof.

Stairs With Shadows.

Great Hero Hall.
  Li-Bu-Wei Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Tuo-Pao Buddha, Miao-Se-Shen Buddha, Gan-Lu-Wang Buddha.

Ornate ceiling in the Main Shrine.

Main Shrine

They gong & drum every morning at 6am and afternoon at 4.30pm to open and close each day.

Roof decorations.

(left to right) Meditation Hall, Gandha Hall and Dining Hall.

Fancy pruning.

Main Shrine

You'll need to to more than that Les to get to the 'good' place.

The Front Shrine (also called the Great Compassion Shrine)

The Mirrored Gallery (Avatamsaka World) is a stunning display representing the Avatamsaka Sutra.

I didn't know there was money in the bowl!

Cleaning out the Lotus Pond.

Nice trunks.

Mmmmm, another nice day in Paradise.

I didn't catch her name.

They can go fast in a straight line, but can't park in one.
Cars in the car park.

It was nice to get out.

Pagoda has its origin from the Indian stupa, an ancient type of building used
to store sutras and sacred relics of the Buddha.

Cheeky kids at the back making fun of us.

Words of Wisdom.
Look at the road before you cross it.                                     When life is hard, face it.
Think before you speak.                                             When life is pain , learn from it.
Plan carefully before you act                                  When life is easy, plant for it.
Study a new God before you worship it.                          When life is pleasing, enjoy it.      

I think he must have had his prostate out as well.

I had an orchid in the disabled toilet.

Kiama Lighthouse.

The Blowhole, Kiama.

Saddleback Lookout.

Looking north from Saddleback Lookout.

Rainbow and rain off Kiama.

Steel City.....Port Kembla.

Looking down on Kiama Lighthouse from Saddleback Lookout.

Bombo Quarries.

Funny place to keep a base drum.

Rainbow from Saddleback Range.

All that's left of the Illawarra Rainforest.

Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Sony DSC-W690.

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