Friday, September 18, 2015

A Flora Walk Along Porters Rd Kenthurst.

Hardenbergia  -  Hardenbergia violacea

I thought I'd check this area out again after finally finding out where Porters Road was after visiting here in August on the Threatened Species Tour.
A couple of things surprised me on the walk, not so much the plants (though the amount of weed species did) but all the other activities going on here. A gun range with buildings, sand-mining with truck parking before you get onto the main site and a fairly well setup (I would say) illegal bicycle obstacle course with jumps, through a nice patch of ground orchids, and a bridge. Oh yes, when I first got there, there was a woman walking about six dogs, including greyhounds, all off leash along the reserve road.   

Maybe someone who knows the name of the plants I'm not sure of might want to leave comment, I'd be most thankful.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Weed lined Porters Road.

Habitat shot, then looked over the edge.

Oh no, did it jump or was it pushed?

Buds of a Sun Orchid


1 Spiny Bossiaea  (Bossiaea obcordata),  2 Hardenbergia ( Hardenbergia violacea)  3  Common Phyllota (Phyllota phylicoides)

Wax Flower   (Philotheca sp.)

not sure


Grey Spider Flower - Grevillea buxifolia. .

Calytrix  -  Calytrix tetragona

not sure

not sure what peas these are

Lomandra   (Lomandra filiformis ??)

Apple Berry  (Billardiera scandens)

not sure

not sure

1 Dainty Wedge-pea (Gompholobium glabratum), 2 ??      3 Bitter Pea (Daviesia mimosoides ??)

not sure

Glossodia sp.  (orchid)

not sure

Boronia sp.

Coast Myall  (Acacia binervia)

Red Spider Flower  (Grevillea speciosa)
(photo enhanced)

Bike bridge.

The bike jump went over this orchid.

Leucopogon sp.

Leucopogon sp.



Dampiera sp.

Glandular Pink-bell  -  Black-eyed Susan    (Tetratheca glandulosa)

Habitat shot. A man on a push-bike went fishing down this road.

Red Bul Ant

Red Bul Ant
Red Bul Ant picking up rabbit dung.

Grey Ringlet   (Hypocysta pseudirius)

Small butterfly.

Woody Pear  (Xylomelum pyriforme)

Donkey orchid.

Bee Fly  (Bombyliidae)

Green Spider Flower    (Grevillea mucronulata) and black ant.

Ground orchids.

Twisted Mat-rush  -  Lomandra obliqua..

Mountain Devil   (Lambertia Formosa)

Mountain Devil   (Lambertia Formosa)

A small butterfly.

Dampiera and pea.

Ground orchid

Ground orchid

 Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS 

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