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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tulip Time in Bowral.

Thought we better pay a visit to Bowral to see the tulips before the temperature got too hot and ruined the flowers. On the way we went up to the Mount Gibraltar Lookouts for good views of Bowral and Mittagong. Then, coming home we had a look at the tulips in the Winifred West Park at Mittagong.

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Videos have to be watched on this page.

Mittagong Lookout

Mount Gibraltar Lookouts

Streetscape from Bowral Lookout.

Mount Gibraltar Lookouts

No nude sun-baking here. Mittagong Lookout

No note, Mittagong Lookout.

Small memorial below one of the Mount Gibraltar Lookouts.

Donkey Orchid growing wild at the lookout.

All the colours of the rainbow, plus.

There's always one that's a standout.

Weeping cherry.

A forest of parsley.


Tulip paving.


Lynn helps out with a photo.

Peony Rose.

Peony Rose.

Matching colours.

Not quite the same in black and white.

Crab Apple Tree.


We had lunch at the Bowral Baptist Church Art Show. 



Collage in clay.

Rooms in a doll's house.

A quick photo shoot outside the Milk Factory Gallery at Bowral. 

I hate to see them chained up.     The Milk Factory Gallery

The Milk Factory Gallery

The Milk Factory Gallery

"Fantastic, hold that pose, woof".

I think one of them just realised where they were.

Old Turkish Wheat Thrasher.  (stones embedded in timber)

Last stop was in Mittagong.

Poplars In The Raw.

The building known as Sunshine Lodge was built in 1927 as a large boarding school
for the nuns and girls at St Joseph's Catholic School.   The convent closed in 1972
and  was taken over in the late 1970s for the purposes of housing for people with
a mental disability.                                                                                                  
  The building was destroyed by fire April 2013.                   

Winifred West Park, Mittagong.

Winifred West Park, Mittagong.

Colourful lunch for a grasshopper.
Winifred West Park, Mittagong.

Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Sony DSC-W690.

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