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Friday, April 29, 2016

Norfolk Island Part 1 of 3

Norfolk Island:  Firstly inhabited, and then abandoned, by Polynesian people some 800 years ago.  Rediscovered by Capt. Cook, aboard the Resolution, in 1774 and named it after his patron, the Duchess of Norfolk. A settlement (firstly called Sydney, then Kingstown now Kingston) was established here in March 1788 by Lt Governor Philip King and food was grown here to supply the new colony in NSW. 
After some 25 years the settlement was destroyed and abandoned and stayed that way for a decade. In1825 it was re-opened as a place of secondary punishment for convicts from the colonies and Britain and was used in this way for 31 years. 
After this period had ended, Queen Victoria made a gift of the Island to the descendants of the Bounty mutineers, who were living on Pitcairn Island, and the whole community were moved here in 1856.

Now this is where we come in. We landed here on the 15th April 2016, had a great time, and then departed on the 22nd April 2016.

Part 1 is from the 15th to part way through the 17th.

Videos have to be watched on this page 
 click on photos to enlarge.

Sydney Airport............if only the plane was this empty.

Long Bay,  La Perouse, Botany Bay and Kurnell.

Outside temperature was -51C (-60F).

I made it to the podium, 3rd highest score (19F, that's me).

Coming into Norfolk Island.

Welkam tu Norf'k Ailen.    (Welcome to Norfolk Island)

A nice touch.

Entrance to South Pacific Resort Hotel where we stayed.

Our room.

Our room.

Our view of Mount Pitt from our back door.

We were close to town (Burnt Pine). View from back door.

Burnt Pines Township. Max's is a shoe shop.

We were in room 43 (behind plant).

Walkway to reception and restaurant.

The walkway to reception.

Pathway edging plant.

Hibiscus in the garden.

Pathway edging plants.

I think this was Myoporum obscurum (a local native plant), commonly known as
popwood, sandalwood or bastard ironwood. It was planted at the resort.

The resort pool.

Inside the resort.

A tribute (in the lounge) to Francis Chichester who made the first solo flight across
 the Tasman Sea from East to West (New Zealand to Australia) in March 1931.
He was also the first to land an aircraft at Norfolk Island.

We ate at the table on the right behind the model of Capt. Cook's ship the HMS Endeavour.

Looking back from 'our' table.

View from restaurant veranda to Phillip Island.

A bit to big for carry on luggage.

Asian House Gecko.
 Introduced to the Island, the park ranger said I should have trod on it
( I didn't know when I took the photo).

Handy list in the back of the local phone book.
'Fast find a person by their nickname"

It was this hill (we are at the top) that made us decide to hire a car.

These Orb Spiders were everywhere (not in the rooms though).

If you pat one.........

......you have to pat the other.

Yellow clouds over Mount Pitt, 320 meters above sea level.

Sunset from near the back door.

We had a nice moon while there.

Dressed up for the 'Night as a Convict' dinner and show.

Dressed up for the 'Night as a Convict' dinner and show.

Dressed up for the 'Night as a Convict' dinner and show.

"Can I have some more please"

Brad, our bus driver also known as Private Parts, in the 'Night as a Convict' dinner and show.

After a hard day on the chain gang.

Getting ready for some 'punishment'.

Playing the 'pass the hat' game.   Find 'Lynny'.

The fellow on stage reminded me of Spike Milligan and had me in tears, from laughing, all night.

Night as a Convict

Playing the 'pass the hat' game with Private Lessons.

Playing the 'pass the hat' game.

Playing 'pass the rolling-pin' game. Looks like some of the 'convicts' are fed well.

Playing 'pass the rolling-pin' game.

Lynn made it into the finals.

Waiting to be 'transported' back to our 'cells'.

Sunrise, from the front of the resort.

The front of the resort at sunrise.

The protest hand. The first of many we were to see around the Island.

Feral chooks, they roam all over the Island.

This was our mighty little Nissan Cube.

Plenty of contact numbers if I have any trouble with the car.

Post Boxes

'Hands Up For Democracy'  Protest display against being fully governed by Australia.

'Hands Up For Democracy'  Protest display against being fully governed by Australia.

This rare 'pink beetle' is endemic to the Island.

The first of many model I've never seen before.
Most of the cars come direct from Japan via New Zealand.

Spider-webs everywhere, just like in a Indiana Jones movie.

Here is one of the Orb spiders.

Main street, Burnt Pine Township.

Main street, Burnt Pine Township.

Norfolk Mall, the main 'shopping center'.

Frangipani and lichen.

Lichen on a Frangipani .

Reminded me of houses in southern USA.

We found Bella, Charlie's long lost twin sister.

The following photos were taken on the 'introductory Island bus tour'.

Queen Elizabeth Lookout.

The view to Nepean and Phillip Islands, from Queen Elizabeth Lookout.   (apologies for blocking the view)

The 1825 to 1855 penal settlement of Kingston.

Overlooking the cemetery, Cemetery Bay and the 9 hole ($22 fee) golf course.
 The brown patches in the grass is caused by an Army Worm invasion.

Looking out from the Queen Elizabeth Lookout.

Nepean and Phillip Islands.

To Fishermen, Whalers and Whale Watchers:
"Come sit a while and think of those who loved the sea".

The old military and civil officers houses, now Australian school teachers and government workers, and the golf club.

Revegetating with Norfolk Pines.

Driving along Quality Row on the 'introductory bus tour'.

Driving along Quality Row on the 'introductory bus tour'.

Driving along Quality Road on the 'introductory bus tour'.

One of the Quality Row houses that provided quarters for military and civil officers.
The building at the rear of the house is where the kitchen was and the servants lived.

'Bloody Bridge' and some of the cattle that roam freely (well it actually
 costs the owners $100 per cow per year for the privilege) around the Island.

The northern end of Cemetery Bay.

One of the few things that remain of the 1790 First Settlement are these old gate posts.

One of the 24 hour lawn-mowers.

Nearing the cemetery.
Cemetery Bay with Nepean and Phillip Islands in the background.

The Island's cemetery.
Kingston Pier.

The boat sheds (right) at the Kingston Jetty.
A 'leg strecher' stop at Emily Bay.

Looking over Slaughter Bay towards the Pier.
 'The Lone Pine' was there when Capt. Cook first saw the Island.

Emily Bay.

Looking over Emily Bay.

Buildings near the Pier.

The ruins of the Salt House, which was built in 1846.

'Welcome' for afternoon tea held at a house built by descendants of
Bounty mutineers Fletcher Christian and Matthew Quintal, in 1863.

Scones, cream and jam......yummo.

Most people are standing because the seats were wet from the rain.

The historic 'afternoon tea' house.

The historic 'afternoon tea' house.

Lichen covered Palm Trees in the garden.

Due to a technical hitch, the bus tour photos are continued in Part 2.

Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Sony DSC-W690.

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