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Europe Trip 2017: Part 5. 30th May to 1st June

In memory of Peter Smart.

Although we are now on the boat the first thing we do today is hop on a bus for a tour of Budapest.
First stop was Heroes Square, another impressive European open space, then it was up to the Buda Castle Hill. After a tour through Mathias Church we had some free time to wander around before back on the bus and down to the boat to set sail for Amsterdam.Our first lunch on board was just a sample of the meals that were to come.
My shirts are in the wardrobe
My undies in the draws,
No more unpacking from suitcases
 Strewn across hotel floors.
The first thing I noticed different to our bus journey in Italy was the more leisurely pace, then there was the leg-room, private (and free) toilet, we now have a Cruise Director and 24 hour coffee.
The next day, after lunch, we arrive in Vienna for a coach and walking tour, including wine and cheese tasting at the Naschmarket, plus a little free time. Then back to the boat for dinner where tonight's 'cocktails of the day' are, Mud Slide and Tequila Sunrise.
Lynn , I and others spend the next day in Vienna while others take the option of going to the Schonbrunn Palace or to Bratislava in Slovakia. We have dinner on the boat tonight.  
To me, our new Cruise Director Roland, appears to be a most professional person who seemed to be at his job 25 hours a day.

It's not that I'm a big church fan, it's just that they were there.

This link,  3rd Man trailer with Palais Pallavicini., ties in with the photo taken of the palace door.

This link  3rd Man sewer scene. ties in with the photo of the 3rd Man sewer tour photo.

(PbL) Photo by Lynn
(tbw) taken through bus window

Videos have to be watched on this page 
 click / tap on photos to enlarge.

Tuesday 30th

                                                     Liberty Bridge, opened in 1896.                                              

                                          New Budapest Gallery. The gallery's primary focus is on contemporary art.                                    

                 Liberty Bridge, opened in 1896.                    

Budapest Bus Tour

Low level traffic lights for cyclists.                  

"Are you sure we left the car over here, you're starting to get a little heavy"

Trolley Bus, powered by Skoda.

On the job.

The Budapest Hall of Art or Palace of Art.

Heroes' Square

Statues of the Hungarian Chieftains.

Heroes' Square

Statues around Heroes' Square Budapest.

Museum of Fine Arts

Vajdahunyad Castle

City Ice Rink and Boating House. Lake freezes in winter for outdoors skating.

                                         Stone the crows!                                

                                 Solving the world's problems.                                

                             The Brother-in-Arms statues to WWI soldiers.                              

                               The steps to Castle Hill.                                    
(PbL) (tbw)

The Chain Bridge was the first permanent stone-bridge connecting
Pest and Buda, and...............................                                  

...................... legend has it, that the lions guarding the Chain Bridge do not have tongues.
 Construction started in 1840.                      

I like old lamp posts.

Memorial to the Independence War of 1848

I don't know what the pointy things were on the roofs.

Must be there for a reason.

Ahh good, they didn't recognize any of us.

Holy Trinity Statue in Plaza Szentháromság.

                                       Matthias Church, 14th-century church named for King Matthias.                                      

                                         We were on the 'blue' bus.                                        

                         Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion.                                    

Expensive taste.                    
Crow that brought a golden ring to the king

Matthias Church

Gothic architecture.

St Stephen's statue.

This was only used to shoot down small planes.

Fisherman's Bastion, 19th-century fortress with 7 turreted lookout towers offering panoramic views.  
 The modern building is the Hilton Budapest.

                                St. Anne Parish and Town Church, from Castle Hill.                                

Three bridges from Castle Hill. Our boat was wayyyyy at the back.

View from Castle Hill.

Hungarian Parliament Building, from Castle Hill.

St. Stephen's Basilica, from Castle Hill.

The interior of Matthias Church.

The interior of Matthias Church.

The interior of Matthias Church.

These pansies had a nice scent.

Street cat.

                                           National Archives of Hungary.                                          

Hotel de Luxe St. George Residence, where we had a cool drink
.....and of course, use of the free toilets.                                 (PbL)

The 698 Ft (forint, or Hungarian money) for our 2 drinks at the hotel
                               nearly gave Lynn a heart-attack.  Wasn't so bad when the waiter said "or 4 Euros".                          

                         Hilton Budapest, on the right with Matthias Church at the far end.                      

Doors, Budapest.

Brand loyalty.
Sticker on back of bus.

Didn't notice too many wildflowers.

                         Elizabeth Bridge, opened in 1964.                                
(PbL)   (tbw)

                                   Take your choice.                                    

Steel covers, Budapest.

Cabin welcomers.

                           Sorry, you're too late, lunch is finished.  Lady was travelling on her own.                          

                                 Buda Castle                                  

Margaret Bridge, opened in 1876.

Sculpture on Margaret Bridge.
Goodbye Budapest.

Megyeri Bridge, opened in 2008.

David and Margaret at disaster dress rehearsal.

Waiting for customers.

Dunakeszi to Horány Ferries.

All the church towers in the city of Vác.
Clockwise from top left:  Upper Town Reformed Church,  Church of St. Francis ,  St. Anne's Church,
 Greek Church (front)  St. Michael's Church (behind)  and Assumption Cathedral

Vác Ferry

Building in the city of Vác.

Stroke, stroke, stroke etc etc.
Leaving the competitors in our wake.

Nice little week-ender.

13th-century Visegrad Castle.

Passing Dory Castle, Zebegény. Gee life's tough.

Bratislava to Vienna hydrofoil. Max. speed 65 km/h.

                              Beats walking.                              

The Mária Valéria bridge joins Esztergom in Hungary and Štúrovo in Slovakia.

Basilica of Esztergom

Franciscan Friary (right) SeminarySt Ignatius Church (rear), Christian Museum  (green dome).

Basilica of Esztergom  (The Primatial Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed Into Heaven and St Adalbert)
 It is the largest church, and the tallest building, in Hungary and was completed in 1869.

The Crowning of St. Stephen.

'Qvae svrsvm svnt qvaerite'                   Seek those things which are above.

Hungary on the left and Slovakia on the right.

                        A rose from the Captain.                              

Wednesday 31st

Sharing a lock at 1:30 AM.

Early morning mist.

The river had a bit of a flow to it. We were going uphill.

Fishing the Danube.  Looks like one has been taken by a croc.

Fellow river travelers.
River users.
Haven't used one of those since I was a kid.

River barges and gas pipeline.

Gas pipeline, near mouth of Mödling River.

Fishing huts along the river.

I think this one's overdue for a trim.

Maybe they did recognize one of us........or they've had a call from Pompeii.

On the River & First Lock

Freudenau Lock, with the outskirts of Vienna in the background.

Freudenau Lock

                                        The lock knows how to draw a crowd.                                    

Captain Punisa Grbovic

Freudenau Lock

No going back now.

Waiting for the green light.

DC Tower.

St. Francis of Assisi Church, also known as the Kaiser Jubilee Church and the Mexico Church.    

                                  Urania Observatory.                                  
 (PbL)  (tbw)

                            Government Building (Regierungsgebäude)                                
(PbL)   (tbw)

                   No problems getting these through customs,                    

                                   This is as close as you are going to get to the Danube being 'blue'.                              

                                   Dial 133 for the Polizei.                                  

                                Vienna Opera House.                                        
(PbL)    (tbw)

Karlsplatz Stadtbahn Station.  The station was opened as in 1899.
In 1981, the original station was scheduled to be demolished
             but it was decided to keep it due to public outcry.               (tbw)

                                 Town Hall (Rathaus).                                    
(PbL)  (tbw)

        Vienna transport.          

                  The statue of Pallas Athene, the goddess of wisdom, in front of the Parliament building.                  

          "Hey, wait a minute, she started it"              

                          Some wall 'art' in Vienna.                              
(3x tbw)

                              Museum Library                                      
(PbL)  (tbw)

Palais Pallavicini.  
                           It was used in the 1949 film 'The Third Man' as the location for Harry Lime's apartment.                            

Rooftop sculptures.

Stallburg arcade.
The old Imperial Stables are still used today by the
                               Spanish Riding School (Spanische Hofreitschule).                            

Spanish Riding School stable.

                              Vienna street scene as seen on the walk.                            

Hofburg Palace

Clockwise from top left:            Poseidon's Perch,  Hercules (looks like a domestic), Hercules slays Lernaen Hydra
 and  Power of the Sea.

A tribute by modern artist, Ottmar Hörl, to Dürer's  'Young Hare'.

I'm sorry lady but they look nothing like that building.

I wouldn't eat the one second from the bottom.

Plague Column was created to commemorate the
1679 plague when thousands of people died.

Vienna street scene as seen on the walk.

Where we did all our shopping in Vienna.

"Oh sir, I seemed to have lost a shoe"     "I'll be right over"

Vienna street scene as seen on the walk.
 Where's Geoff & Peggy, Geoff & Jenny, Robert and Lynn?

Making money from the dead.

So that's what the 'M' stands for.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Must have had a bad case of Smallpox when just a puppy.

Looking more like hearses outside St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Commemoration of the crusade.

"Zahnwehherrgott"  (Christ with a Toothache)
We're disappointed they didn't have our sizes.

Modern horse-power.

Hope I can find a real one (woodpecker that is).

I heard someone asking about 'Old' Vienna, and then I was off.

'Old' Vienna.

'Old' Vienna.

'Old' Vienna.

'Old' Vienna.

'Old' Vienna.

Austrian Academy of Sciences.   'Old' Vienna.  The little statue, bottom right, must have some 'naughty bits' showing.

"There's a nice mud-crab"

17th-century Jesuit Church.  'Old' Vienna.

Best quality since 1908.  
Order your flowers online before 11 am and we deliver them the same day.

Vienna street scene as seen on the walk.

Old and new.

Nasch Markets

Taste wining........or was it.......... tine wasting.

"Dis is vot you vill eat, ya!"      
Cheese tasting.

"Roll up roll up, throw a Euro in the cup and win a prize"

Pre-filled specimen bottles.

Market produce. That's a pig bottom left.

Saw this at the markets, so had to go back.

Crossing couples, Vienna.

"Hello Laraine and Mick..... Geoff and I won't be long"        
 Our bus waiting at the Secession Building.

                                     Waste incineration plant chimney.                                    
(PbL)  (tbw)

                                Döblinger Footbridge                                
 (PbL)  (tbw)

We were half way along, on the other side. Or is that,  mid-ship, starboard side.

                                 Garbor keeping everyone entertained.                                  

Thursday 1st   Free Time

                                  Vienna street scene as seen on the walk.   Vienna State Opera (right).                          
No use Lynn, I think he's dead.     LOOK OUT, BEHIND YOU!

Hey, I did get a photo of Mozart.

                     Secession Building and purple flowers.                          

Lions pulling a chariot with the Roman emperor Mark Antony, by Arthur Strasser in 1898.

Girardipark grass plantings.

Meeting place for the 3rd Man Sewer Tours, Girardipark.

Entrance to the 3rd Man Sewer Tours.

I can just see the grandkids wearing these.
Wearing 3 ID labels, Lynn wasn't going to get lost.

Market produce. Flat peaches?

Street art at the Nasch Markets, Vienna.

Messages at Nasch Markets.
The work at top right, covered by Dave & Mable, can be
 seen in full, further on, on my bike ride photos.

One of my goals was to have a Chinese meal in Europe, and this is it.
 It actually looked better on the plate than the advertising photo, and it was yummy.

Vienna Opera House Fountain.

Entrance to Albertina Museum.

Clever cat.

                                Carriage rides in City Square.                                

Ruins of a Roman wall & village settlement in city square.

One of them was slow.

Steel covers, Vienna.

The Hofburg is the former imperial residence in Vienna.

Kaiser Franz I statue (right)

'Nimm ein sackerl  fur mein gackerl '
Take a sackerl for my gackerl
Take a (plastic) loo for my poo.

Neue Burg. Incomplete 19th century palace wing hosting Kunsthistorisches Museum collections.

Kold Drink Kombi.

Äußeres Burgtor.
City gate built in the 1800s to replace one destroyed by Napoleon's army.

Statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Statues of Hercules fighting the Cretan Bull and Slaying the Nemean Lion.    
Oh, and Lynn getting tied of walking around.

Doors, Vienna.

                                  Just a 12 km (Klosterneuburg & return) warm-up for the Tour.                            

The full version (of the one at Nasch Markets) seen on my bike ride.
That could be a partial description on the sign on the right.

12 steps to love.  
Taken on my bike ride.

Seen on my bike ride:
 Forest,  Klosterneuburg Monastery Church.  White-water course and yellow Iris.

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Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS  /  Sony DSC-W690 and Samsung S5 (phone)

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