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Europe Trip 2017: Part 6: 2nd to 4th June.

Friday: Today's first stop is Durnstein, one of Austria's smallest towns with a population of around                  900.  Back on the boat for lunch and then it's off to Melk. In Melk the bus/walking tour was                to the Melk Abbey. As Geoff Z and I thought we had seen enough churches we decided to                    leave the tour early and walk back to the boat through the old town and we then met up with                some others, who had also left early, at the Melker Ferry House for some local amber                          refreshments. Back on the boat with Brandstaff as tomorrows first stop.
Saturday: At Brandstaff, while some stay on board, some catch the bus tour to Cesky Krumlov in the               Czech Republic and Lynn, I and others join the bus tour to Salzburg, famous as being the                    home of Mozart and where the movie "The Sound of Music' was filmed. On the way we stop              at Mondsee and visit the the church where the 'S of M' wedding was filmed. In Salzburg six                of us had lunch at the Hohensalzburg Fortress. Back on the bus to meet the boat at Passau                    which will then depart for tomorrows town, Regensburg. As today is 'Bavaria Day' on board                there are free drinks (3 each), and a Barvarian Hoompah band as part of tonight's                                  entertainment.  
Sunday: At Regensburg Lynn and I decided not to go on the organised walking tour of the town,                      choosing instead to go on our own little walk.

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Friday 2nd


                                                      Tied up at Dürnstein.                                                          

                     Strolling into Dürnstein.                  

"If you want to borrow one Craig, I'll let you know if someone's watching"

Something a little different.  Bladder Campion (Silene vulgaris).

                  Short-cuts through the rock to the town above.                  

A tunnel through the rock up to the town.

                  The people you meet in alley-ways.                    

Dürnstein, nicknamed the 'Pearl of the Wachau Valley'.

                     Castle wall, church and Peggy.                    

                         Relais & Châteaux Hotel Schloss. At the lookout.                

The plane that flew over us was an Austrian Airforce Saab 105.

Looking over to Rossatz from the lookout.

            Durnstein flower pots.          

The Art of Living-Restaurant.

Doors of Durnstein.

More doors of Durnstein.

I went for a walk up in the suburbs.

Just some prices.

It's still hard to take in how old these places are.

              Original timber floor, paintings and fuel heater in Monastery, Durnstein.              

Needed 30+ letters to win the longest word prize.

The portal of the former Augustinian chancery.

For the other times you have to look on the other roof where that clock gets the sun.
My camera time says 10:12.

Colourful old grape barrel.

Kunringer Castle (ruins), where in 1192  Richard the Lionheart of England was once kept prisoner.

Welcome aboard Greg.

The Black Poplar (Populus nigra), one of the cottonwood poplars.
The cottony seed hairs were flying through the air like snow.

Covers in Durnstein.

Some rest before the next town.

              Hope you're feeling better Geoff.                          

                Here's trouble, two Bills.                    

             Oh no, I've lost both my arms.                  

AddKunringer Castle (ruins), where in 1192  Richard the Lionheart of England was once kept prisoner, overlooks the village of Durnstein, Austria.  

I think Heidi has been over-dosing on the Limburger since I saw her last.

Abbey of the Augustinian Canons.

"If you take little Gunther down to the post office they said they'd give you a good price"  
 Statue of Richard the Lionheart and Blondel the Minstrel.

                            There's a lot of hard work here.                          

Vineyard 'shed'.

Vineyard 'shed'.

Vineyard gateway.


'Fortified' church of Our Lady of the Assumption.

The Wachau Nose  by Gelitin.

I think you can get a cream from the chemist for this

                      The foundations of the fortified Gothic church of St Michael were started in 1395.                      

Roland said that these horses on the roof meant something, but I've forgotten what it was.

The Romans grew grapes here.

St. Mauritius parish church in Spitz.

I thought Australians loved the sun.

Spitz Austria. The wine that comes from here is special.

Rolling ferry at Spitz.

Rolling ferry at Spitz.
The ferry is attached by a cable to another cable that is elevated above and over the river.

The elevated cable (top) and the thinner cable that goes to the ferry.

12th century Hinterhaus Castle.
The ruins are said to be haunted by Adelheid, the dead wife of ‘Henry the Iron’.
(Henry never spoke well of his twin brother, 'Tinfoil Terry')

These 'may-poles' had a story, but the story escapes me.

St Johann.

That one got passed the pirates Mick.

Ruins of the 12th century Aggstein Castle.
This castle was once home to robber-barons who plundered passing ships.

Nature camping is a big thing in Europe, but it does ....................

.............. have some hazards.

Servite monastery in Schönbühel. (Schönbühel Castle)

Emmersdorf camping ground.

Emmersdorf train bridge.
Austrian navy patrol boat, A604 Lower Austria (Niederösterreich), commissioned in 1970.

The PioneerBattalion 3 is stationed in the garrisons of Melk.
The association is one of the most powerful, efficient and successful troop bodies of the Austrian Armed Forces.

Looking for a parking spot at Melk.

Tarzan's house?

Sculpture at the Melk docking area.

                Melk Abbey                  

Melk Abbey

                 Melk Abbey                

Melk Abbey

                         Church of the Assumption, Melk.                        

                         View from Abbey lookout.                        


                   View from Abbey lookout to where the Mank (river) enters the Danube.                  

              View from Abbey lookout.                    

                    Melk street scene.  "That's where we were".                        

Melk street scene.

Melk street scene.

That should stop the walls falling down.

Melk's pretty buildings.

I thought some were a bit too 'pretty'.

Doors of Melk.
The next photo gives the reason why the numbers are chalked on the door (left).

What do the scribblings 20-C+M+B-17 chalked on doors mean.
It's a long story but : the numbers are the year, the letters 'Christus Mansionem Benedical'  - May Christ bless this house
(or, the 3 magi Caspar, Melchior & Balthasar). It's left on the building for 1 year as a good omen.
I have seen this in Australia as well.

......... or in German, Vok In.

What happens when you park in the wrong spot.

               It could be a new roof-rack on that car.                      

Melk Abbey from Wachauarena Melk (Event Venue)

No bikes or paedophiles.

                                    Hare today, gone ...........                          

Saturday 3rd

We tied a chair to the outside of our cabin to get a better view. 6 AM shot.

Ottensheim Chateau with golden morning mist.

Lock near Ottensheim. 6:04 AM.

A nice catch. Looks like a carp.

                         Mondsee  (Moon Lake) in the Salzkammergut.                      
(PbL)       (tbw)

Just in case you were thinking of buying here.

St. Michael's church where Maria's wedding took place in the movie
 'The Sound of Music', uuuuuuuuuuohh.                  

                  St. Michael's church.                      

St. Michael's church.

St. Michael's church.

                              Colourful Mondsee.                                  

So, how do you like your sausage?

These 3 local guides wanted to show me around town but Lynn said we had to catch the bus.

Colourful Mondsee.

                                     Colourful Mondsee.                          

Don't see much of these brands at home.

House in Mondsee.

                                Peony roses.                              

Moon Lake from Seepromenade Park, Mondsee.

                             We start to see The Alps.                        
 (PbL)   (tbw)

                       A ski-run in summer.                        

                Sill no 'Harry's Cafe de Wheels'.                  
(PbL)    (tbw)

The entrance to the Mirabell Palace garden.

Mirabell Palace is a 17th-century palace.

The town is over-looked by the Hohensalzburg Fortress.
We had lunch just below the fortress main wall on the right (you can see the restaurant's umbrellas).                      

Don't know what the bloke on the left has been doing but he's worked up a good sweat.
 Could've been a bit of Capoeira?

              Housed in Mozart's old home, this museum displays artefacts dedicated to the composer's life.              

The Salzach River divides the old from the new.

They have to cut off the locks every year otherwise the extra weight would bring down the bridge.      

Can you see the one Lynn and I put there.  

While one enjoy the sun, others seek the shade.

Built in 1408, renovated in 1958.

Salzburg shop banners:  What you see is what you get.

Mozart's Birthplace. He was born here 27th January 1756.

Old Salzburg shopping.

Old Salzburg

I don't know what he's on, but I want some.

"If you don't stop calling me names I know someone who'll buy your daughter"

Salzburg Cathedral.

Salzburg is known the world over for its giant honeycomb.

Another statue of someone killing something.

                            The funicular up to the fortress.                      

There was a big religious event on today.

Going up in the funicular.

                              All smiles.                          

Lynn knocking a couple back at lunch.

                     Salzburg from Hohensalzburg Fortress.                    

                               The Alps from Hohensalzburg Fortress.                      

An 11th century granny flat.

The walls were BIG

The Alps from Hohensalzburg Fortress. A little but cooler up there.

Descending in the funicular.

                           St Peters Cemetery, Salzburg. Mozart's elder sister, Maria Anna, is buried here.                        

The cemetery scene in the movie was a copy of this, re-created in a film studio.

St Peters Cemetery

St Peters Cemetery

St Peters Cemetery

The Golden Sphere by Stephan Balkenhol
 in Chapter Square (Kapitelplatz).

16th-century Residence Square (Residenzplatz) centering on a baroque fountain.

Covers in Salzburg.
Those who went to Cesky Krumlov will now be kicking themselves on missing these.

Salzburg trolleybus.

                Yellow seems to be the flavour of the day around here.              

                  Even the Parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin from the South, Eggelsberg, is yellow.                  

Countryside Salzburg to Passau.

                                    Power Station on the River Inn.                                  
(PbL)   (tbw)
                               Rail bridge, and behind, is Kachlet Power Station and to the right, the lock, Passau.                              
(PbL)   (tbw)

                 On the left is St. Pauls, and to the right St. Stephan's Cathedral, Passau.              


                          One of the 'Bavarian Devils' goes crazy with the cutlery.                              

Someone must have spiked the cocktails, which were, Ameretto Blossom, Mai Tai and Almond Delight.

Sunday 4th

                            Straubing lock.                              

Kath. Pfarramt, Rectory in Kirchroth.

Wildflowers at the lock near Kagers.

No standing up here.

Must be Frühschoppen ( an alcoholic drink before midday in company) time.

The Walhalla is a hall of fame that honors laudable and distinguished people in German history. At Donaustauf.

Church of the Holy Spirit, Regensburg.

Odessa-Ring road bridge.

River living.

Passing under the railway bridge, Regensburg.

Königliche Villa, Regensburg.


German treats.

Modern fresco.

Remains of a Roman wall.

It was good to find some Roman stuff again, the wall that is.

Regensburg street scene.

Linked by the centuries. New and old street art.

Wall garden.

Uncovered when building a car-park.
Dörnberg Park, a walk among the greenery.

Thurn and Taxis Palace.
                       The Jakobstor, a medieval city gate.                      

St. Jacob Abbey, part of the original abbey is protected by a glass surround.

Construction of St. Jacob Abbey and portal were finished in 1200.
 It is considered one of the most meaningful works of occidental art.

Regensburg street scene.

Mr Whippy coming around the, hang on, no its not.

Lynn 'walk'n with her sisters'.

The 'Fountain of Justice' in Haidplatz, a traditional city square.
The red-plastered New Waag (New Scales) was built in the 14-century.

                 A lot of people in Regensburg mustn't have heads, arms or legs.                  

Another nice street-lamp.

                             Old Town Hall, dates back to the 14th century.                          

Old Town Hall

Couldn't decide which window design they liked best.

Doors in Regensburg.

                                    Better hurry, we sail at 4 o'clock.      Looking down Goliathstraße – 'Goliath Street'.                               (PbL)

                                 Hotel Bischofshof Am Dom was a former bishop's palace.                        

                          The Romanesque Cathedral of St. Peter was originally begun in 1273 and completed in 1525.                        

Frescos of David and Goliath, originally painted by Melchior Bocksberger in 1573.

                    Now I know where Sasquatch (Bigfoot) gets its shoes from.                

The Stone Bridge clock tower.

Remains of the Roman Fort 'Castra Regina' (Fortress by the River Regen), originally built in 179.

Covers in Regensburg.

The 12th-century Stone Bridge.

Regensburg Museum of Danube Shipping.

Iron Bridge

Entering the Regensburg Lock.

Entering the Regensburg Lock.

Not a lot of graffiti here.

Faces in a park.

Art along the river. Could have something to do with '24h-galerie' - urban arts forum, Regensburg.

Kelheim Lock.

The lock-master. (Grey Heron)

Nearly the end of a long day, but now ..............................'s Party Time.

Staff relaxing at Disco Night.
                   Tonight's cocktails are Summer Punch, Gin Fiz and Colibri.                      

                ......and then, all of a sudden, Geoff had this great idea.                      

Time (10:20 PM) for a bit of spot-lighting...........yes, eye-shine, must be a 500 kg rabbit.

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Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS,  Sony DSC-W690  and  Samsung S5 (phone)

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