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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zane Becomes an Aussie.

A great day for Australia.

Today Zane became an Australian Citizen. A man from Europe, who became an Australian citizen, once told me, he was a better Australian than me because he had chosen to be one, not like me who just happened to be born here. At the time, it made sense.
So to Zane, welcome to our mob and country.

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Videos have to be watched on this page. 

'Citizenship Ceremony' programme.  
WELCOME  It is an honour to welcome our most recent candidates as Australian Citizens to the Central Coast.
 Participants in today's ceremony have chosen to make their home here on the Central Coast, immigrating from the following countries: .....Brazil........Latvia...... USA  etc etc.

Gosford Council Chambers.

Australian native plant and flag gifts.


The Soundwaves.

Medley of songs by the Soundwaves 'Barbershop Singers'.

The Gosford City Town Crier.
 "Ladies and gentlemen........."

  Welcome by the Gosford City Town Crier.
Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, take heed (listen and pay attention). Let it be known that on this twelve day of March in the year 2015, I, Town Crier, welcome you.  I request that all persons please rise as we acknowledge the presence of His Worship the Mayor, councillor Lawrie McKinna and our special guests."

The Lord Mayor and special guests.

The Lord Mayor.  

I am, You are, We are Australians.,

A young new Aussie.

A young new Aussie.

A family affair. 3 from the same family.

Watching on.

Born an Aussie.

 The Pledge
  From this time forward - I pledge my loyalty to Australia and it's people - whose democratic beliefs I share  - whose rights and liberties I respect  - and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

The Lord Mayor
By the powers vested in me by the federal Government I now pronounce you to be Australian citizens.

Making the Pledge.

Zane receiving her Citizenship Certificate

The 'kiss' of approval.

I have a certificate to prove it.

An Australian Lilly-pilly tree.

....and a flag.

Not taking a lot of interest.

Struth, she's now a fair-dinkum ridgy-didge strail'n.

New Aussie.

I Still Call Australia Home

The National Anthem

Arlo meets the Mayor.

Zane receives the Lord Mayor's Chain of Office.

Welcome to the family.

The Lord Mayor is from Scotland.

All Aussies now.

Zane also gets a new necklace.

3 Aussies.

Australian Citizenship Quilt.

Gosford in need of repair.

Some Gosford street-art on show.


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