Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Couple of Days at Turon Crossing Reserve.

Spent a few quiet days with Wayne and Sara camping (well actually me sleeping in the car) next to the Turon River along the Bridal Trail below Hill End.

Videos have to be watched on this page. 

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Sunset near Sofala

Sunset near Sofala

Sunset near Sofala

Sunset near Sofala

Stoking the fire.

A very sparky fire.

Cheap entertainment.

Keeping the fire going.

Sorry, but we haven't got enough chairs. A visitor comes to our fire.

Could have easily sat here all day.

Reflections at breakfast.

Azure Kingfisher, a breakfast visitor.

Weed seed.

Weed seed.


Reflections at breakfast.
A fungi family reunion.

They wouldn't let this big guy and his little sister join in.

One of the locals.


Reflections at breakfast.

Stranded Water Striders.

These are one of the bugs that will eat you if you die in the bush.

Someone else's accommodation.

Wayne and Sara's site.

I was next door.

Heading off for a walk.

Old gold mining site.

Old  gold crusher.

You could get rid of a body down there.

Nice and deep.

A prickly customer.

Old gold mine tunnel.

This would keep the rain out.

Feral deer.

Cow and Chicken in a tin, yum.

Lunch break.

Water Dragon.

(flick though the next 11 photos quickly)

There must have been a crocodile in the water.

Come on in, the water's fine.

Not a water dragon.

Sara gets a lift across the Turon.

Hitching a ride.

Tarzan makes a dive.

We named this 'Paw Rock'.

Reflected light from the water makes this look like
an 'elephant' trunk.

One and one = 4.

Is it a Hydrofoil or a Water Strider?

I would like to see you try this.

Shouldn't there be two? Legs, that is.

Azure Kingfisher

Droplets of fog on She-oak needles.

Going fishing.

We think this goat was injured as it was there for some time.

Gumboots come in handy.

Flowers near camp site. All weeds.

Who's scared of the dark?

He/she was most obliging.

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Two for the price of one.

Gumboots make causeway crossing easy.

Crossing the Turon causeway.

Just checking us out.

Walking across to the 'Island'.

The Turon, Macquarie Rivers Lookout.
Where the Turon meets the Macqurie River.

Above the junction of the Macquarie  and Turon Rivers.

Root Hog Fire Trail Crossing, Macquarie River.

Root Hog Fire Trail Crossing, Macquarie River.

The Bridal Track.

Hill End

Royal Hall at Hill End

View from Hill End Road a few km's past Sallys Flat toward Sofala.

Old works on the new section of Hill End Road.


Rose and Wall.

The weeds were nice as well.

Sofala garden.

Come on Mr Brown, try and keep up with us.

Grey Nomads On Turon River, Sofala.

Cattle on Upper Turon Road.

Sunset stop on Razorback Road.

Sunset stop on Razorback Road.

Sunset stop on Razorback Road.

Camera: Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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