Thursday, April 2, 2015

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

A sample of the art work that was hoping to win the inaugural  Paramor Prize: Art + Innovation.
The Paramor Prize was launched in memory of one of Australia's most celebrated modern female artists, Wendy Paramor. Paramore died in 1975 aged 37.

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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 

Art in grounds outside.

'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea'     ( finalist )

'Agapi' A little too creepy for Sara.       ( finalist )



'Untitled'      ( finalist )

'Hold On to That Feeling'      ( finalist )  ............gave us an idea to do this >>>>>>>>

>>>>> so we tried also to hang on.

A bit of old and new.

Video Art
'Formations'   ice flows.
'A Farewell Kiss'  shoes on wall.
'The Polka Dot Sisters'  girl playing ukulele.
'Continuum'  part 1,  wind farm. 
              ?  masked people eating.

'The Polka Dot Sisters'     ( finalist ) This was Sara's favourite.

'Terms of Trade (exchange) #2'  by local resident and friend Simon Cook.
    ( finalist ) Sara also liked this one.

No prize for these 2.

METROPOLIS NEW  ( finalist )

'Wreath'    ( finalist )

Looking at  'In the Shade of the Waq Waq Tree'  in 3D.      ( finalist )

Was Capt. Cook a crook?

Internal piping.

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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