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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Top End Escape - Litchfield, Day 2/8, Saturday 18th May 2013

Hired a car (Nissan X-Trail) for the next 2 days. Today we went off to visit Fog Dam Wetlands, Litchfield National Park and the war cemetery at Adelaide River.
Water Buffalo enjoy a wallow.

Magpie Geese at Fog Dam.
Comb-crested Jacana (Lotus-bird) and water lily.
Sacred Lotus  (introduced).

Mertens's Water Monitor.
Clockwise from left:  Australian Pratincole, Pacific Heron, Butterflies and
White-breasted Woodswallows.
Road train. (although we saw plentytoday, this is the only photo we took).

Cathedral termite mound and Screw Palms (Pandanus).

Cathedral termite mound.
Florence Falls.

Just in case you forget. I don't know what side they drove
on to get here.

Tolmer Falls. The rare Orange Horseshoe Bat and Ghost Bat live in the caves
 located in this gorge. Crowds at the falls lookout and Fan Palms after fires.
Wanji Falls.

Lynn cooling off.
Come on in, the water's lovely.
Did I hear someone scream "CROCODILE'S GOT ME!!!"

I'll stay here, someone has to go for help.

Some flowers of Litchfield.

Clockwise:  Partridge Pigeon, Blue-winged Kookaburra, dragon lizard,
dragonfly, orb-spider and Black Flying-Fox.
One of the locals near Batchelor.

Castle in park at Batchelor.
As soon as I turned the car's motor off it started pouring down at the Adelaide River War Cemetery.
After the 19th February 1942 Japanese raid on Darwin during WW2, other towns in the north, such as Broome, were bombed a further 62 times between 4th March 1942 and 12th November 1943.

Not only soldiers died in the bombing of Darwin.
I took this photo in 1969 which I believe was the War Cemetery. Is that how
it was then?
Motoring back to Darwin. How fast are you going?
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  1. Fabulous! I've never made it to Litchfield, but have often heard about its beauty. Your photos certainly do it justice. Loved all the wildlife.

  2. Bernie, it was our first time there and, although crowded, was well worth the visit. Next time will stay longer. The weather was very warm and humid but you certainly would be use to it.

  3. Wonderful!! So happy for you to be experiencing such wonders of nature and.historical background also!!

    1. Linda, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed our trip. I learnt a lot more of Darwin's history than I knew before.