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Friday, May 24, 2013

Top End Escape - Darwin, Day 3/8 Sunday 19th May 2013

Yesterday was spent covering the more natural environment around Darwin, today we spent time looking around the more developed parts of the city. We covered 604kms over the 2 days we had the hire car, most of the k's were done yesterday.

Aftermath of the previous nights 'Italian Festival' laying on the ground.

Northern Territory's Parliament House.
The festival was held in these grounds last night.

Looking over the Darwin Waterfront from the Vibe Hotel.

Wave Lagoon and Convention Centre.

Waterfront lagoon / pool.

Waterfront lagoon / pool.

Surf?????.........maybe in a Cyclone.

Tugboat Lynny on Stokes Hill Wharf.

And they are still adding to the place.

A popular car-boot fishing spot. I told this fellow he needed
 a bigger bucket. The line on their hand reels, which were
wrapped around the wharf, was the thickness of a biro refill,
 looked to be 100kg b/s.

Custom patrol boats.

Must be big calamari. It was closed so I couldn't try them
 all out.

There are a lot of references to the bombings and the
 militarisation of Darwin during WW2.

The different life style of the Darwinians .
The bike riding barbecuing type and, the
relaxing gardener type.

Some original old buildings in Darwin.

Government House in all it's tropical colours.

Looking over Cullen Bay.

Fannie Bay looking south towards Cullen Bay.

Colourful rocks at Fannie Bay.

No mention of crocodiles.
A fellow told me that there were no crocodiles in Fannie
Bay but he wouldn't put a dog in the water around at
Casuarina beach, there the crocs weren't that big (only 4
foot) but they would put you in hospital ( we took on his

WW2 defences at East Point.

Looks like a storm abroo'n, Casuarina Beach.

A good time to call my brother and wish him a Happy 60th.

Some locals enjoy? the showers.  Bush Thick-knees.

The sun soon shone at the Dripstone Cliffs.

Coral strewn beach at Lee Point.

Lee Point Beach

Fishing at Buffalo Creek.

Whooooa, aren't there crocodiles around here. Fellow trying out his gill net
to catch his dinner. We hung around for a while hoping to get something
for 'Funniest Home Videos' but we ran out of time.

Some of the house styles in the new suburbs. Besser brick,
iron roofs and no gutters.

Darwin from Charles Darwin National Park.
Darwin skyline.

Camouflaged WW2 munition bunkers in Charles Darwin  National Park.

Seen today. Clockwise from bottom right:
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Peaceful Dove, Sacred Kingfisher,
Little Friar Bird, Rainbow Bee-eater, Forest Kingfisher, Reef
Heron and Bush Thick-knee.

Another road-train.

Not much of a tropical sunset after the Mindil sunset markets.

This little gecko welcomed us back to our resort.

The end of another full day.


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