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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top End Escape - Kakadu, Day 5/8, Tuesday 21st May 2013


Another great day in Kakadu starting with an 7 am start (our driver stayed at the same resort) and,  being 2 of the first 4 people on the bus, took the opportunity to grab the front seats.
Today we visited the Ubirr Rock Art Site, cruised the East Alligator River with Robert and saw another crocodile and, with Robert, visited the Aboriginal lands of Arnhemland. 
On the road early.

Information signs on the way.

A sad sign of the times.
Approaching Magela Creek.
Burdekin Ducks enjoying the conditions.
Long Spear Grass (Sorghum spp) was everywhere. Fires keep it under control.
Approaching Ubirr.

"and this is where we are going this morning" 
Mourning markers were painted in respect of areas  the deceased frequented.

Photos of deceased carers have been removed or covered up in respect of
cultural beliefs.

The Mabuyu gallery.
The Mabuyu gallery.
The Mabuyu gallery.

The Mabuyu gallery.

Grooves made in the rock to grind the ochre to obtain
the colours for the paintings.

Plenty more to see.

There's art everywhere.

Yep, that's where we are heading.

Nearly half way.

All the comforts of home. Keeps the rain off, flat area for
 the kids to play and great views. Ceiling paintings.
The painting were on the ceiling and the large rocks were
worn smooth from years of bottoms sitting on them.

White man and his rifle painted on the back wall.

The paintings.
Still more paintings.
The walk at Ubirr.
And today's lesson will now begin, Namarrkan gallery.

Everyone paying attention.

The gallery.

Pink hibiscus adds some colour to the climb.

Lynn fell in love with the view from the top.

Crocodile Dundee territory.

Kakadu flood plains.

The bigger picture.  (apologies for the bad 'stiching ')

We were both impressed.

The 'made it to the top mob'.


The next level down.

Meeting up with the rest of the gang.

Swapping stories.

Balancing rocks. There were a lot of these features in the area.

The scene from this level.

Everyone here, then down we go.

One last look.

Pandanas everywhere.

There are some good birds here so I'll be back.

Just clicking away.

Just one last one .

Keep all body parts in the boat please. The life jackets might
stop you from drowning but not from being eaten.

Robert is our guide for the East Alligator cruise.
This part of the river is tidal, salt and 60km from the coast.
The tide was going out.

This hibiscus is used in traditional medicine.

Damage caused (I think it was) by Cyclone Monica in 2006.

How it should be.

I was surprised to see how clean the river sand was.

Arnhemland escarpment.

Arnhemland escarpment.

Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus). The only one we saw.
See where the tooth is missing?

In Arnhemland, white-fella country on the other side.

A lagoon at base of the escapement.
Some of us went for a quick explore.

Wild things I saw.
We all came back in time.

Hunting equipment explained.
Tools of the trade.

"No need to go to Bunnings, I can get it all here for free".

Time to leave.

Thank you Robert, you did a great job.
The plant life around here is used for so many things.

We say hoo-roo to ET.

More paintings just above the flood line.
Robert basis his paintings on this x-ray style.


It appeared to be deeper going back.
Traffic jam at the crossing.

Lunch at the Crocodile Resort, Jabiru.
That's his eye looking down at us.

Happy 70th Birthday Brian. Lorraine's little lunch-time surprise.
 Yummy chocolate cake.
Display in the resorts foyer.

Plenty of room and a smiling face.

Leaving the Mamukala (Mar-moo-car-lar) Wetlands.
We were not there long as the water level was too high for
the birds.
Time to get the show on the road, Sean starts for home (Darwin).

This buffalo didn't want us to leave. He dropped his head
towards the bus a couple of times as to say 'come on big boy,
do your best'.
Not goodbye, but "boh boh", see you later.

Some of the flora from today. I'm not sure what they are.

Some of the fauna from today. Clockwise from top left:
Dingo, Green Tree Ant, dragonfly, grasshopper, Rufous Whistler,
 Orb-spider, Willie Wagtail and Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.

But then there was this..........................

Below are links to the movie 'Ten Canoes'. This movie depicts how the Aboriginal people would have lived in this area before the arrival of Europeans.  Movie is rated 'M', some nudity.
1. Introduction  
2.   Interview with  director Rolf De Heer.
3.  Movie trailer
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