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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top End Escape - The Ghan, Day 6/8, Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Today we left Darwin by way of the Ghan.
Pickup from our resort was well organised (although the bus did have troubles re-starting after one stop, gave us something to cheer about) and the second phase of the trip began.
We (I) decided to take separate 'whistle stop' tours in Catherine as I had seen the Gorge before (I didn't think it would have changed much since 1969) and we compare tales and photos at the end. As it was both tours finished at the Gorge so we were able to after-noon tea together, along with most other passengers from the train.
We found the service and food (so far) top notch. One suggestion is that when you book, ask for forward facing seats, ours are facing backwards and that drives me insane.
Our last look at Darwin as we are driven to the train.

Welcome aboard, sir.

All the 'little' comforts of home.

Funny to see a welcome sign as you are leaving.
Cullen River

Cullen River

Along the way.

Ferguson River.

Ferguson River.
The buses waiting to take us on our tours.

Views around Katherine, taken from the bus.
I went on The Ghan Cultural Experience. We had the bonus of trying some
fresh cooked kangaroo tail.
Preparing a kangaroo tail for cooking.
 (Apologies to Wildlife Careers and vegetarians)

Local art. The 'brush' was made from a piece of, what looked like, a type
of thicker cane grass.

Lynn went on the Nitmiluk Gorge Cruise. The cruise was shortened as the
train arrived in Catherine a bit behind time.

Rock art, present on the left and in 1969 on the right, hasn't changed much.
'Jedda's Rock'. This is cliff that Jedda, from the movie Jedda ( the first movie
in Australia to be filmed in colour) supposedly jumped to her death from. 

At the level change walkway.

Crocodile trap.

Lynn retuning from the cruise.

The newer boats (left) have a few more comforts, and are bigger, than those
of 1969.  
Returning for a cool drink.

Crocodile camel and kangaroo, all went down well.

The waters of the 2011 flood went up to the Katherine Hotel sign.
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6.30 pm and we are on our way again.

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