Tuesday, September 9, 2014

West Australian Wildflower Trip. Day 19, Indian Pacific - Orange to Sydney. 27 Sept 2014.

Dawn greets us near Bathurst, which means we only have about 242 kms (150 miles) left of our holiday before we reach home.
A long time sitting in the dining car, without my camera, waiting for breakfast, meant that I missed a good opportunity to get some nice early morning rural photos. It may have been another case of the train staff just thinking that the passengers are only on the train to get from A to B and not using it as a way of seeing the country....... this great train trip could be so more rewarding!

We finally reach Sydney's Central Station, and so, on a nice sunny Sydney day, this great and memorable holiday to the west comes to an end. 

                                    'When I stepped off the bus at our first stop................,

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Dawn greets us near Bathurst.

Poplars in the mist.

A misty morning in the Bathurst area.

There was once a lot of money in wool.

Peaceful rural scene.

Must be Lithgow.

The old Lithgow Blast Furnace.

Zig Zag railway viaduct.

Zig Zag's Garratt '402', built 1953' .The 400 class class 4-8-2+2-8-4 type Garratt locomotives
were built for use on the South Australian Railways between Port Pirie and Broken Hill.

Zig Zag lower station.

The trees are starting to come back after the October 2013 bush fires.

We are now travelling across the Blue Mountains with the Megalong Valley below.

Sydney bush.

Regrowth after the October 2013 bush fires.

Travelling along the Darling Causeway.
Travelling along the Darling Causeway.

Hydro Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath. built in 1904 by retailer Mark Foy.  It was the site of the death of
 Australia's first prime minister, Edmund Barton, when in 1920 he had a heart attack and died there.

Crossing over the top of the mountains.

Starting our descent through a jungle of tracks, posts and cables.

Sydney steam tram motor 103A, built 1891.  Valley Heights Steam Tramway (Museum).

The steam engine 5711 was built by Clyde Engineering in 1916 as one of 25 members
 of the D-57 class heavy freight locomotives and was withdrawn from servicw in October 1961.

Sydney rail grafiti. It looked like a lot had been removed recently.

Nelson Terrace, 1888.

No, Florence Taylor didn't design the Mortuary Railway Station.

Mortuary Railway Station, Sydney, built 1869.

Sydney's trains (p.s. there are more than just these 2).
'Oscar' class (foreground) commenced service in 2006.  'Waratah' class (rear) commenced service in 2011.

We have come to the end of the line.

We say good bye to the 'horse' at Central Railway Station, Sydney.  
  NR Class Loco. NR18 was built Friday, 28th March 1997.

A liitle bit of Western Australia in the garden when we arrived home.

End of Day 19 and The Holiday.

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Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX10 IS and Sony DSC-W690.

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