Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail with L, L, L, L and J.

On this cool, but dry day the 3 siblings, and our partners, walked just over 9 km's around  Narrabeen Lagoon.

Videos have to be watched on this page. 

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A cool jacket start to the walk.

Pedestrian bridge, on the left, and road bridge.

Cormorants, Darter and Egret.

A Black Swan finds the lake a bit too shallow to swim.

Chestnut Teal.

Testing the strength of the bridge.

All's well.

South Creek Bridge

I had this view all day.

Hello Mr Pelican.

Pelican bathing.

See-through Magpies.

The Brush Turkey is almost becoming 'Sydney's Bird'.

Dr. Gus (I'll pull your teeth out) Jones B.D.S (Best Dental Surgeon).

Sleeping tooth about to be crushed by a toothbrush.

Must be getting close to lunch time.

White Cockatoo having its lunch.

.....and this Eget was looking for its lunch.

Onto the home straight.

This friendly fellow just wanted to play.

Couldn't get much out of this fellow (I think he was 'stoned').

What's the point of growing up?

There were fossils.....

.....and a bare-bottomed fairy.

Looks like Lynn was just going to make it, and Lori and Lorraine were
still looking for that dropped 5 cent coin at the end of the walk

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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