Thursday, August 20, 2015

Middle Head with Les, Lori, Lorraine and John.

Because of some research that my brother Les had done on a name, he noticed etched into the rock at the fort, he was invited back for a special tour. Les asked his siblings and partners to join him on this tour. 
Our guide for the day was Kevin, a volunteer with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Kevin, who not only uncovered some of the fortifications, had a fantastic knowledge of the history around the complex. He took us to the 'under-world', the normally closed off tunnels, of the fort, and it was thoroughly staggering experience.  A great day.

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Volunteer Kevin (a Tony Abbott look-a-like) explains the history of the
 Middle Harbour Fort complex.

Middle Harbour Fort complex.

Middle Harbour Fort complex.

Middle Harbour Fort complex.

Lorraine and John stand guard to make sure Kevin can't escape while Les questions him.

Engineers, John and Les, checking the support work. Their assistants, Lorraine and Lori,
 check the floor.

Engineers, John and Les, checking the support work. 

Passed OK.

Do think that will be OK Les?   I take photos in case they are required later as evidence.

The raised concrete block is where one of two generators stood.

Welcome to the 'tiger cages'.

The 'tiger cages'. Used to train soldiers to get familiar with prison conditions
 if taken prisoner in the Vietnam war.

Happy faces in the dark.

Magazine Capacity.

M/2 Shell Platform.

Old rail tracks use as concrete reinforcement.

Old electric box in need of some attention.

Anyone know where Lori is?

Granny's Cloak Moths enjoying the darkness.

There wasn't much concrete mixed in with the sandstone
 aggregate in the old days.

More supports and wire-mesh to stop the roof falling in.

Trying to work out where the stairs led to.  (Arrow points to  ' Prisoners camp' writing)

捕虜収容所   ' Prisoners camp / POW camp', writing on a wall.

We had to go back the next day to find Les's arm that had fallen off somewhere.

Where the shells were passed through to the cannons.

Fowler's Potteries (Fowlerware) commenced in Sydney around 1837
 and produced a range of items including earthenware drainpipes.
The company is now owned by Caroma.

Still more questions.

The Manly Ferry is coming.

Just ducked in time.

Tabernacle or hinged/pivotal base for a flagpole.
" So what you are saying is, if the enemy came in though there, the cannons would blow the sh.t out of them".

This was all covered in dirt and trees until just recently when Kevin
, and a couple of others, cleared it all away with shovels.

OK Les, who or what is this?

Keep going John, it's not full yet.

Walking down to WW11 alterations.

WW11 alterations to give access to observation bunker.

Underground tunnel fixtures

Down into the belly of the underground complex tunnel system.

Not many people get to visit this underground spot.

Ooooh, you would think that they would've taken the bodies away by now.

Tree roots coming down from plants above.

Early supports were just steel plates bolted together. Now rusting away.

John forgot to duck this time and nearly cracked the roof of this observation bunker.

We had help from above.

Going down into the recently excavated 1871 fortification.

(Queen)   Victoria Reigns 1871

A single micro bat, also known as a insectivorous bat, calls this underground room its home.
ps How do I know it was wedding ring.

A anti-blast steel shutter.

Looking into the gun-pit.

Where the cannon was situated.
(I half expected to see Spartacus come running out of a doorway)

Back ito the sunlight.

We weren't the only one's 'dog tired'.   Frenchy's Cafe, where we had lunch.

Art class in action. They were drawing a Banksia shrub.

The chair doesn't look all that comfortable.

Western Channel Pile Light, also known as the West Wedding Cake due to its shape, was first established in 1924.

Art at Headland Park.

Art at Headland Park.

South Head.
A slum for rich people.

Have to be careful who you meet when walking on your own.

I then helped him look for his lost car keys.    (Art at Headland Park)

Sydney skyline.

Going Somewhere.

Boats criss- crossing the heads.

A different perspective.

Looking over Chowder Bay toward the 'Big Smoke'.

Never fired in anger.

Part of Georges Head Gun Battery.

Georges Head  Battery tunnels.

Now which way do we go?

"Are you alright Leslie and Billy".    John talking to Les and Bill through a ventilation grate.

Now to find our way back up there.

Our stairway out was now blocked, so if you are ever over this way could you please help us find a way out, thanks.

Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Sony DSC-W690

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