Saturday, August 29, 2015

HIDDEN – A Rookwood Sculpture Walk.

HIDDEN is an outdoor sculpture exhibition that takes place amongst the gardens and graves in one of the oldest sections of Australia's largest and most historic cemetery. Not in the same league as Sculptures By The Sea, but still interesting.
                                   I just take the photos, you can work out their interpretations.

Videos have to be watched on this page. 

Click on photos to enlarge.

Some concepts in this artwork may be viewed as politically or religiously sensitive.

1.    The Nature of Things

3.    Once Removed

5.     Alone Together

6.     Do Not Mistake Me

7.   Refraction

8.     Forever Together

9.    Buying Time

10.     Paradise

11.  Memory Forms

12.    Suburban folly #1

13.    Last Words.
 (you could lay down in the box and listen to the world go by, but it was too hot today)

14.   Fire

15.     Love Letter

16.       The Watch Tower

17.    High Horse
18.        Kate Andrews  -   Preserve Your Memories (They're All That's Left You)           (one of the winners)

19.     Interstellar Cloud

Interstellar Cloud

20.     Bush Memorial

21.   A Bunch of Flowers

22.    Remembrance Circle

(you will speaker volume turned up)

24.      The Imaginarium: Sacred Vanitas

24.      The Imaginarium: Sacred Vanitas

25.     i-Scapegoat

26.     Eternity

27.      Truffles

28.     Ascend (Series: I, II and III)

29.     The Museum Of Childhood Memory

30.    Cooee

31.    I Can Only Imagine...

32.    I Just Want...

33.   Digging the Clay - Seeking Family 2015

34.    Yolo

35.   Stratum III

36.    Crystal Resonators.  
 ( you didn't have to lay down to hear the world blow by with this one)

37.    The Garden of Private Thinking #2

38.     Amanda Stuart  _  the year of the watersnake.   (one of the winners)

39   Blanket Fort

40   Memory

41.     A Cocktail of Sacrifice, Faith and Redemption.

42.     Safety Scare

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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