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Friday, March 4, 2016

Looking After Charlie, Series II. Part 4

15th to 18th  March

Awoke to minor flooding in the street after steady overnight rain.

Videos have to be watched on this page 
 click on photos to enlarge.

Car stuck in Lovell St Umina.

House in Lovell St  Umina Beach now has water frontage (they didn't want).

Nearly drowned our bins.

Around the corner, flash flooding covers Veron Rd. Umina Beach.

Veron Rd. Umina Beach becomes a splash-a-thon.

Flood debris washes up onto the driveway blocking our escape route  (slight exaggeration).

Flash flooding at Umina.

Captain Cook Memorial Park Lookout, Copacabana.

Captain Cook Memorial Park Lookout, Copacabana.

The local gang leader patrols its territory.

Avoca Beach.

The Caspian Tern is the largest tern in Australia.

Surfboard lessons, Avoca Beach.

Looks like the giant has skinned his knuckle.  (rock formation)

Personalities in stone.
Doing the right thing by wearing life-jackets to go fishing off the rocks.

Looking south from Marie Byles Lookout, at Vista Point.

Hawkesbury River, Lion Island, Box Head and Killcare Beach from Marie Byles Lookout.

Someone has been trying to get their message across. These were at several points on the coast.

A drive to Chichester Dam

St Andrews Anglian Church, Seaham, built 1860.

Callipygous: Having beautifully proportioned buttocks.
 One of the '117 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language'.

Still digging up the main street in Dungog.

Easter art.

Dungog Post Office, built 1880.

Open for business.

Shop window, Dungog.

Colourful seat cover, Dungog.

Commercial Banking Company of Sydney's Bank & Manager’s Residence,
 built 1884 (now privately owned). Dungog.

Bank Hotel (right) was originally the 1878 house of storekeeper and mill owner John Walker,
 it was converted in 1891 into the 27 room hotel.
In 1901, Edmund Barton, Australia’s first Prime Minister gave a speech from the
 balcony of the Bank Hotel, as Dungog was then part of his electorate.

View of Dungog from hospital.

Chichester Dam

Chichester Dam

The caterpillar of the Wanderer / Monarch Butterfly.
Adult  Wanderer / Monarch Butterfly.

These eucalypts at Chichester Dam were a lovely colour.

The rain-water really brought out the colours.

The rain-water really brought out the colours.

Red-necked Wallaby at Chichester Dam.

St Peter's Church, Bendolba.
Is this a new Da Vinci Code??? Writing on the church door.

Cemetery at St Peter's Church, Bendolba.

Cemetery at St Peter's Church, Bendolba.

Grave marker at St Peter's Church Cemetery, Bendolba.

A country shed, Bendolba.

I make a new friend next to the church.

A horse with 2 manes.

In 1914 the original owner, Mr James Stuart, commenced construction of the Theatre roof
and by 1918 the original wooden building had been completed. In 1930 Mr James,
as he was known, completed an extensive upgrade of his Theatre.
This picture palace is the oldest still operating purpose- built cinema in Australia.

CountryLink (blue)  and  Hunter Rail Car in TrainLink Colour Scheme (red) at Dungog Rail Station.

We came home for the day.

While in Parramatta we visited this prize winning native garden.

A snack at Berowra to keep us going.

Beer, Bait, Bread & Boats at Berowra

Marina at Berowra.

Crossing over Berowra Creek on the ferry.

Crossing over Berowra Creek on the ferry.

The jetty at Greenman's Valley Riverside Caravan Park.
Spencer can be seen way, way across the river in centre of photo.

Greenman's Valley Riverside Caravan Park, below Marlow.
The road ends at the boat ramp on the Hawksbury River, near Marlow.
Mangroves on the shoreline and eucalypts cover the hills.

Got in some birdwatching and a drive on my own.

RTA Reserve on Ourimbah Creek Rd, Ourimbah.

 .Lichen on tree trunk. RTA  Reserve.

Nest boxes in RTA Reserve.

Fungi on tree trunk.

Common Silkpod    (Parsonsia( straminea)

Buick Eight

Buick Eight

Buick Eight

Buick Eight near Palmdale.

McPherson Road Swamp, Tuggerah.

White-breasted Woodswallow at the McPherson Road Swamp.

Norah Head Lighthouse and wind-swept banksia trees.

Norah Head Lighthouse, built in 1903.

Terracotta Glow.

Norah Head Lighthouse, built in 1903.

Norah Head Lighthouse and Gravelly Beach (Gravs) NSW

Shark bait at Gravelly Beach.

Catching a wave.

He was enjoying his time on the water.

Sooty Oystercatcher.

Little Wattlebird.

Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Sony DSC-W690.

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