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Looking After Charlie, Series II. Part 1


Our first six days looking after Charlie while the three from Umina visit Latvia.
28th Feb - 4th March

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28th Feb

"Just in case they don't feed me over there".

Sharing with Charlie.

29th Feb.

I'm loving this warm weather.
"'re telling me that I'll have to wear clothes over there!"

All ready to go.

This weed harvester is used to collect floating algal and seagrass wrack from
 shallow water around the estuary. Unfortunately it also collected live
 seagrass, prawns, molluscs and fish.

One of the 'long jetties' at Long Jetty.

One of the 'long jetties' at Long Jetty.

Who is that sitting on the jetty?

Why, it looks like..........


We were going to have a swim.........until we saw this 'croc' in the water.

Watkins (long) Jetty was built by Alfred Watkins in 1921 to enable the service of his properties. The top photo 'Looking down Archbold road' (Gosford City Libary - Sweyn Munro Collection) was taken in the late 1950's. The bottom is from today, 29th March 2016.
Walking the Watkins 'Long Jetty'.

Birds of Long Jetty.
(lower left clockwise) Little Pied Cormorant, Australian Pelican and Welcome Swallow.

Pied Cormorants nesting in the pine trees at The Entrance.

Pied Cormorant.

Boat shed and bridge at The Entrance. The Boathouse has been here since 1927.  The bridge was built in 1969 replacing the old single lane wooden bridge which was opened in 1934.

North Entrance Beach

Pelican resting.


We saw a mullet.

Red beaked Caspian Terns (our largest tern) with the more common Crested Terns and Silver Gulls.

Pelican feeding time at The Entrance.

Pelicans paying attention.

1 fish, 9 open mouths.

1st March

Late afternoon at Umina Beach.

Practicing for the upcoming Surf Lifesavers Carnival, Umina Beach.

Practicing for the upcoming Surf Lifesavers Carnival, Umina Beach.

Practicing for the upcoming Surf Lifesavers Carnival, Umina Beach.

Practicing for the upcoming Surf Lifesavers Carnival, Umina Beach.

Bums up.

There were even decent waves at Umina Beach. The cyclone that hit Fiji
 recently has helped created a big swell on the east coast.

We saw this headless girl walking haphazardly on the beach..........

.....but then realized she........

.........was just doing somersaults.

Afternoon beach activities.

We're now taller than we use to be.

2nd March.  I get a bit of birdwatching in at:  

RTA Reserve Ourimbah

A nice patch of rain forest vegetation.

The nest of a Yellow-throated Scrubwren.

The nest of a Yellow-throated Scrubwren.

Yellow-throated Scrubwren

Fruits of the Creek Sandpaper Fig can grow on the trunks of older trees.

Fruits of the Creek Sandpaper Fig.

Brown Cuckoo-dove (Pigeon) checking me out.

Brown Cuckoo-dove (Pigeon).

Pastel Flower, Love Flower (Pseuderanthemum variabile). This is my first sighting of this plant.

White-necked Heron.

Wyong South Sewerage Works, Tuggerah.

Hoary-headed Grebe

Latham's (Japanese) Snipe.

Sewage works wildlife, a rat.

Chestnut-breasted Mannikin.

I met some birdwatches from England being shown around by locals from Sydney.
 Here we are taking a shortcut past the airation  systems.

Taking some 'happy shits shots' to show the folks back home in England.

Chittaway Point

The wings were very tattered on this White-bellied Sea Eagle.

The primaries (wing-tip feathers) were longer on the other sea-eagle it was flying with.

3rd March   Brisbane Water National Park.  

Grey Spider-flower (Grevillea buxifolia).

Scribbly Gum.

Just hanging on.

Mountain Devil   (Lambertia formosa).

Mountain Devil   (Lambertia formosa).

Leaf of a Woody Pear.

Caught in a web

I'sa made the web. Golden Orb Spider.

Mr Google did this one.

A loving couple (he's the little guy).

The fallen.


All within walking distance. Great North Walk distances from Patonga.

Bleached Boat Beached.

Masked Lapwing

Shelter shed at Patonga oval.

4th March. On our way back from watering our garden.

Brooklyn cemetery.

Brooklyn cemetery. 1944

In need of a trim.

The old Mooney Mooney Bridge. Just imagine the traffic trying to get across this at Christmas now.

The new Mooney Mooney Bridge.

Movie by Mr Google.  (click on to view)

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Cameras:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and Sony DSC-W690.

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