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Friday, March 4, 2016

Looking After Charlie, Series II. Part 5.

Les and Lori come up for a visit and we do some local touring.  I do some wet weather bird-watching and the road floods again. We have a day up at Catherine Hill Bay.

Videos have to be watched on this page 
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Les and Lori paid us a visit

Here, in 1874-5 Henry Clarence Kendall (the poet) found friendship, peace and
inspiration to write 'Mooni', Narrara', Names Upon a Stone' and other deathless verse.

Henry Kendall Cottage, Gosford.

Milestone.........35 miles to De Belin.

Museum display.

Portable type-writer and cameras.

Boy, do these make life easy.

Museum display.
Where are we...........

..............Captain Cook Lookout,  Copacabana.

Norah Head Lighthouse, 26 kms (16 miles) north.

Looking south from Marie Byles Lookout.

Wagstaffe Ferry Wharf.

A crab's view, Wagstaffe Ferry Wharf.

Video by Mr Google

Who has the last laugh.   (Laughing Kookaburra)

Totem Pole in park near Wagstaffe Ferry Wharf.

Octopus on totem pole.

A totem in the making.

The  Central Coast Wetland Pioneer Dairy was living up to it's name.....it was wet.

If I knew this, I would have stayed at home.
 WARNING - Beware of snakes, spiders, ants & ticks, wasps &bees and children (please supervise).

Royal Spoonbill.

Teal, Black Swan and Willie Wagtail.

There are still cattle at the dairy..............
...........and some of them have friends, like this stretching Cattle Egret.

A collapsed roof of the old dairy.

A Strangling Fig (right) being amorous with a Turpentine Tree.

Wun wabbit wun.

A little bit of bird-watching at Palmdale on the way back to Umina.

Crested Pigeons not enjoying the weather.

Seen from the road at Palmdale.
 From top left:  Topknot Pigeon, Regent Bowerbird (female), Bar-shouldered Dove and Grey Goshawk.

Back at Umina it's a river again..........cnr Veron and Lovell Rds.

Afternoon reflections on (Lake) Lovell Rd.

The old coal-loading jetty at Catherine Hill Bay.

Catherine Hill Bay.

Restored miners cottages, Catherine Hill Bay.

Adding some colour.

Nothing wrong with birds.

A link to the past.

Video by Mr Google

Coal-loading jetty at Catherine Hill Bay.

Coal-loading jetty at Catherine Hill Bay.

A local.

Old bridge abutment,  Catherine Hill Bay.

All that is left of  Wallarah House (built around 1887) after the 2013 bush fires that swept across the area.

Video by Mr Google

Coal-loading jetty at Catherine Hill Bay.

The old wooden jetty (which was here on our last visit) has now been destroyed by fire.

Under the Catherine Hill Bay jetty.

Will it still be here on our next visit.

Some old flotsam and some newer jetsam.

Hanging from the old coal-loader, Catherine Hill Bay,

Beach Boss.

Coal-loading jetty at Catherine Hill Bay.

Coal-loading jetty at Catherine Hill Bay.

All the ships have gone.

Why can't we just have a natural coastline......oh, I forgot, MONEY $$$$$$$.
New development at Catherine Hill Bay.

View from Cams Wharf across to Point Wolstoncroft  and Pulbah Island (center right).

Camera:  Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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