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Friday, March 4, 2016

Looking After Charlie, Series II. Part 6.

22nd and 24th March.
Visited the Australian Reptile Park and the
 Gosford Regional Gallery and Edogawa Commemorative (Japanese) Garden.

Videos have to be watched on this page 
 click on photos to enlarge.

The entrance to the Australian Reptile Park.

Never smile at a crocodile.

Green Iguana.
This iguana, and it's eggs, are farmed and harvested for food,
just like chickens, in tropical South America.

Veiled Chameleon,
 Native to Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia.

Green Tree Python from the far north Queensland rainforest.

Water Monitors get a little frisky.

Central Netted Dragon, from the drier cental parts of Australia.

Boyd's Forest Dragon is a arboreal lizard found in rainforests
in the Wet Tropics region of northern Queensland.

Dwarf Bearded Dragon, found in western Queensland.
Something wrong here.

A Veiled Chameleon at the 'hands on' show.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Lynn was checking out her new handbag.

No, the little girl didn't bite of the snake's head.


Excuse me, but where is the gent's.

This Tawney Frogmouth was keeping an eye on us.

Grass Owl,  
Did you see what was wrong with the spider back there?  
 It only had 6 legs.

Cape barren Goose is boss.

Anything down there for me?


Out in the sun.  
 Clockwise L to R:   baby Water Dragon,   adult Water Dragon,   Cunningham's Skink.

Echidna, sometimes known as a spiny anteater.

Dingoes howling.

As well as the rock wallabies, there was someting else in the compound.

I think the Bustard could see it...........

......... a  Diamond Python.
I thought it strange that this was in the compound,
so I went and informed one of the keepers.

The keepers capturing the python so it could be released back into the wild.

Alligators enjoying a bit of sun.


I should have asked if this Freckled Duck was a wild or captive bird.

A crowd of 3 watches the talk on dingoes.

Come into my parlour.

Just a small one.

Don't look up.

Lace Monitor (Goanna)

Lace Monitor

Tasmanian Devil

Elvis the resident Saltwater Crocodile

Elvis, up close.

Japanese Gardens and Regional Gallery.

I wonder if they eat duck's feet?

Tea house and fish feeding pavilion.

Taking it all in.

A sea of tranquillity.

Between a .........

Part of the exhibition that was on display.

Part of the exhibition that was on display.

A work by Jasmine, year 12.

Meg was there.

There was no porridge inside.

I took Charlie to see the moon come up.

He didn't seem all that excited......but he did give us a song.........

...........Moon Music.


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